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Everything you need to know about Cisco Nexus 1000V switches for VMware and vSphere

Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches have brought a new revolution in virtual switching. Cisco Nexus 1000V switches for VMware and vSphere are exactly virtual machines which give access to intelligent software – Switches. Cisco has especially designed Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches for accelerating the server virtualization as well as multi-tenant cloud deployment in operationally transparent and secure manner. Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switches allow extending network edge to the virtual machines and hypervisor. In addition, the switch is designed to scale for cloud-based networks.

Know in detail about the architecture of Cisco Nexus 1000V

There are majorly two components of Cisco’s 1000V series switches namely – Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) and Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM). Both the modules have their own importance in the architecture of the switch. Below listed is brief about the two major components of the Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches.

Virtual Ethernet Module

  • It runs inside hypervisor and is a part of hypervisor software. For performing networking functions and layer two switching, Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) collects the configuration information from Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM). In case the communication between VEM and VSM is lost, then there is a Nonstop Forwarding capability in VEM which continues to switch the traffic on the basis of previously known configurations.

Virtual Supervisor Module

  • It manages the multiple Virtual Ethernet Modules. VSM performs the configuration which is automatically transferred to the Virtual Ethernet Module. The Virtual Supervisor Module is integrated with orchestration and cloud management tools which allow the Network Administrator to get benefited from the network configurations in Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches.

The features and the two editions of Cisco Nexus 1000V switches

Cisco Nexus 1000V Switches are available in two editions namely Advanced edition and Essential edition. Here is a brief description of the two editions of Cisco Nexus 1000V Switches for VMware and vSphere with their features.

Essential edition 

  • This edition is available without any cost and includes all the basic features of switching. Maximum of the layer 2 networking features are provided in this essential edition. The features provided in this edition include Cisco vPath, VXLAN, enhanced QoS feature, vTracker and a lot more. The free version allows the risk-free and the rapid adaption of the virtual network technology of Cisco in multiple or a single hypervisor environment.

Advanced edition

  • This edition is available with the Cisco VSG and in addition provides numerous advanced security features. The value-added features provided in the advanced edition are IP source Guard, Dynamic ARP inspection, DHCP Snooping, Cisco TrustSec SGA Support. These extra features enhance the utility of the edition, but you have to spend a good sum of money for this edition.

Capabilities/Features of Cisco Nexus 1000V

Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches makes use of Cisco VN – Link technology for providing a single management model to virtual as well as physical network infrastructure. Below listed are special features and the capabilities of Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches –

> Virtual Machine Connectivity

Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches have port profiles which are the scalable mechanism used for configuration of networks with numerous virtual machines. Port profiles facilitate the easy creation as well as provisioning of the virtual machines. Through Port profiles, you can define policies for virtual machine network for various classes or types of virtual machine, and then you can apply the profile via VMware vCenter.

> Mobility of Network Properties and Security of Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine throughout its lifespan follows the security and the network policies which are defined in the port profile, no matter whether the virtual machine is restarted, hibernated, suspended or migrated. In the case of updating specific port, the live update is automatically provided to all virtual ports by Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches via same port profiles. Regulatory compliance becomes quite easier in migrating security and network policies with Cisco Nexus 1000V as security policy is continuously enforced via switch and defined similarly to a physical server.

> Cisco vPath architecture

Apart from traditional switching features, Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches also provide for Cisco vPath architecture and support virtualized network services via intelligent Traffic Steering and Performance Acceleration.  In a network flow, intelligent Traffic Steering redirects the packet to a virtual service known as VSN (Virtual Service Node).

> VXLAN Support

In addition to providing support to VLAN based segments, Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches also provide support to VXLAN ways overlays segment. VXLAN stands for Virtual eXtensible LAN and is IETF suggested draft from various vendors and Cisco. Architecture is provided by VXLAN which can be used by customers for expanding cloud deployments.

> VXLAN Gateway

In order to create a single broadcast domain, a mechanism is provided by VXLAN gateway for combining VLAN based segment with VXLAN segment. VXLAN gateway is provided as a service node working on Cisco Nexus 1110-X, 1110-S, 1010-X, and 1010 appliances. Cisco Nexus 1000V has integrated service note and it appears like a module on the switch having a common management plan and common control.

> Non-disruptive operational model

Cisco Nexus 1000V is closely integrated with VMware, vCenter and thus it allows virtualization administrator to use VMware tools for provisioning virtual machines. In addition, Network administrators can operate as well as provision virtual machine network in a similar manner to physical network. Throughout the virtual server environment, these switches enforce consistent policy and configuration.

Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches are used during the training of CCNA Data Center Certification. In fact, if you have taken CCNA R&S certification training, then you just need to take training of 10 to 12 days more on Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches in order to appear for CCNA data Center exam.

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Planning to go for Cisco CCIE, CCNP & CCNA Training, Come to India like Benjamin (United Kingdom) & Vigo (Nigeria)

Cisco Certifications are amongst the most prestigious and highest paid IT certification courses in the field of Networking. Cisco CCIE certification and training has three level CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. Believe it or not, clearing every level is like achieving a big milestone of life. It fills you with immense pleasure and happiness which is unexplainable in words. However, selecting the best Cisco training company is the first step of becoming an expert in networking. For getting trained in the best Cisco training company and gaining excellence in the networking, many students cross the boundaries of their nation.

With the aim of completing CCNA, CCNP or CCIE training and becoming an expert in the field of Networking, thousands of students from different parts of the world like Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, United States, United Kingdom  etc. travel to India just for enrolling with Network Bulls – World Class Training Institute.

Let’s hear the success stories of international students who visited Network Bulls, India just for completing their Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE Certification, and training.

Benjamin Tucker from The United Kingdom, CCNP R&S

Tucker visited India just for enrolling with Network Bulls in CCNP Routing and Switching Course and gaining in-depth knowledge of Networking. Benjamin wanted to become an expert in the field of Networking, thus he searched Networking Training institute in The United Kingdom and enrolled in Network Bulls. Post Completion of CCNP R&S training, Benjamin has shared his experience with us, let’s hear from him –

“Hi, my name is Benjamin Tucker and I came from United Kingdom. I enrolled with Network Bulls for completing my CCNP Routing and Switching. The course was just 34 days long. In Network Bulls, I learnt a lot about technical skills which helped me to refine my skills. In addition, India is just a beautiful place to come emerge with different culture.  I was a fantastic experience at Network Bulls. Thanks Network Bulls!!!”

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Vigo Augustine from Nigeria, CCNP R&S

Augustine came from Nigeria for enrolling in CCNP Routing & Switching Integrated course of Network Bulls. Vigo came to know about Network Bulls through the facebook page of the elite training institute. Vigo searched the web for knowing about best IT training institute for completing his Cisco certification in Nigeria and came to Network Bulls. He took intensive search online about NB, connected to ex-students of Network Bulls from Nigeria and developed very high expectation which were all met by us. Augustine has something to share with us, let’s have a look –

“Hi, my name is Vigo Augustine. I was enrolled in CCNP R&S Course of Network Bulls. Before I visited Network Bulls I had high expectation from NB and everything was just as per my expectation. All my expectations were met in NB. It was really a fantastic experience at Network Bulls and I really enjoyed my time here.  I would like to thank Mr. Andy, Jenny and Maria as they make me feel like home away from home.  I appreciate the efforts of Network Bulls and hope that they continue to maintain the same high standards of education and training. I personally believe that the way they are striving hard, they will be on top of IT training institutes in the near future.”

There is a long list of students who come to India for CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE training program with Network Bulls. Also, don’t worry about Visa, Accommodation and Meals in India, our team supports at each stage. Let’s hear from our thousands of happy students – https://www.youtube.com/user/NetworkBulls

Like them, you can also enroll with Network Bulls and make your Career Fly. Contact our career advisors on +91-8745885377 or email us at admin@networkbulls.com for more details as well as for career guidance.

Oct 16

Free Webinar – Get to Know Everything about Latest Vesion of CCNA R&S and CCIE Security

After Cisco’s announcement of the new version of CCNA R&S and CCIE Security, every Networking aspirant is looking for correct understanding of added modules and changes. Like always, we are coming up with a free webinar on this topic to make you understand everything that is new in latest versions which are CCNA v3.0 and CCIE Security v5.0.

First Book your Seats –

Date – 20th Oct. 2016

Time – 3PM – 4PM (WAT)

Get Confirmed – http://lp.networkbulls.com/cisco-webinar-oct/index.php

(Note – Date of Webinar has been shifted from 19th Oct to 20th Oct. 2016; Time will remain same)

Webinar Agenda – What is new in CCNA v3.0 and CCIE Security v5.0

In Today’s world technology is rapidly changing to counter advanced needs of IT Companies as well as because of increasing security threats. Cisco keeps on upgrading its technology for the same and to help companies for keeping its networks secure and producing more effective results.

In this webinar, our expert Mr. Vikas Kumar (Triple CCIE #30078 and Director, Network Bulls) will address all advancements added by Cisco in new versions of CCNA R&S and CCIE Security Certifications. The latest versions of CCNA and CCIE Security are referred as CCNA R&S v3.0 and CCIE Security v5.0 respectively.

Highlights of the Webinar at Network Bulls, India

  • CCIE as Career
  • CCIE Certification Tracks
  • World’s Most Demanded CCIE Tracks
  • The New CCNA v3.0 – Added Modules
  • How to Prepare for CCNA v3.0
  • The New CCIE Security v5.0
  • How to Prepare for CCIE Security v5.0
  • How NB is best Suited for CCNA v3 & CCIE Security v5

The webinar to be hosted by Network Bulls, India will cover a wide array of topics keeping its focus on providing details of the latest version of CCNA and CCIE Security certification. This Webinar is free of cost and open to all.

Speaker’s Profile – Interact with World’s Top Cisco Trainer

Mr. Vikas Kumar,

Founder & MD, Network Bulls

(Triple CCIE #30078 (R&S, Security, and Voice)

Mr. Vikas Kumar has vast experience of more than 15 years in Networking Industry and is amongst 200 professionals in the world having the status of triple CCIE. He is a great mentor and an expert in CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Security, and Voice.  He has successfully conducted more than 500 corporate training workshops in different parts of the world.

Mr. Vikas also has been associated with big IT MNCs like CSS Corp, Religare, IDS  etc. at various positions. So get ready to find a perfect solution to all your doubts and queries about new versions of Cisco CCNA & CCIE Security Certification. Join the webinar and Know the tips to crack CCIE Certification Exam.

If you are joining from following countries then check local times –

 Country Name  Local Time
 USA  9 AM -10 AM (EST)
 Nigeria  3 PM – 4 PM
 Cameroon  3 PM – 4 PM
 Angola  3 PM – 4 PM
 Ghana  2 PM – 3PM
 Congo  3 PM – 4 PM
 Kenya  5 PM – 6 PM
 India  7.30 PM – 8.30 PM
 South Africa  4 PM – 5 PM

For any queries please write to Network Bulls Support team on admin@networkbulls.com or Call on +91-8745885377.

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Payal makes her Career Fly, Gets Job Placement at Spectranet after CCIE R&S Training

“Network Bulls helped me in shaping my career and in getting placed with top IT Company ‘Spectranet’ even before the completion of my CCIE R&S Training”

Every girl or a boy has some career dreams and for turning dreams into reality they require proper support, guidance, and facilities. In the lack of proper support, guidance, and facilities they find it hard to achieve the career milestones such as placements, CCIE Status etc. Payal, a girl with big career dreams just required proper guidance and facilities for turning her dreams into reality. Payal was interested in the field of Networking and wanted to build her career in the same. She conducted an intensive search online, connected with peers and family for finding the best CCIE training institute which can provide her quality training along with proper facilities to make her dream come true.

CCIE R&S Training Started @ Network Bulls

After the intensive search, Payal visited Network Bulls – India’s No.1 Cisco Training Institute for having a look at labs, learning environment and their other facilities. She was too pleased to see the world’s largest Cisco labs, 24×7 lab facility, real-time trainers support etc. Payal joined Network Bulls for building her career in the field of Networking and got placed with top IT Company even before the completion of her CCIE R&S course.

Payal’s CCIE R&S Training Journey –

“Hello, my name is Payal and I have completed my Routing and Switching course from Network Bulls. I am amazed to see that I have been placed in a very good company that is Spectranet and that too with a very good package even before the completion of my course.”

“I would like to share my reviews about Network Bulls and why should students join Network Bulls. If students want to enhance their networking skills as well as communication skills, this is the best place where they can easily achieve their goals. The reason behind is that Network Bulls has the best faculty and also provide for personality development classes for enhancing the communication skills which is quite necessary for getting a job today.

I would like to tell that the devices provided by Network Bulls are the latest one and you can use the labs 24×7.” So, if you are looking for quality training along with flexible lab hours, then Network Bulls is just a perfect choice for you. These facilities serve a long way in gaining in-depth knowledge and polishing practical skills.”

I got Job Interview Opportunities with 4 BIG IT MNCs

“Network Bulls has a dedicated placement team which gives their 100% to provide the placement to their students. I am very fortunate because I have given the interview in few of the best IT companies such as Tech-Mahindra, British Telecom, and Spectranet. Fortunately, I have been selected for Spectranet. I would like to thank entire placement team and my NB family for shaping my career. Thanks a lot, Network Bulls. At last, I request you to join the elite training institute so that you can shape your careers well.”

Shape your career with India’s No.1 training institute

Like Payal, you can also make your dream the reality of your life with Network Bulls. The elite training institute has the biggest pool of CCIE certified trainers for providing training to students. In addition to the trainers, lab assistants at NB are also CCIE certified, thus you can easily get the guidance of the expert at every step of your training.

100% learning environment is maintained in the labs of Network Bulls, to motivate students to pursue their dreams with more dedication and commitment. There is a silent zone and a discussion zone in the labs of Network Bulls for self-study and group studies respectively. Thus, students can come and study at any hour of the day and can easily achieve their career goals.

If you want to enroll in networking training institute which can give you a job guarantee after your CCIE training, then Network Bulls is the best training institute for you.

Contact us for more details on courses, training batches, CCIE jobs & more. Indian students can call us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

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Top 5 reasons Why you should be a Cisco CCIE Certified Professional in India

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is amongst the most admirable and rewarding IT certification in the Networking Industry. Many IT students and professionals face a big dilemma when it comes to taking up CCIE certification Course as they don’t know the value of Cisco CCIE certification in India. They only end up realizing their mistake when someone else achieves the same success after CCIE Certification which they always wished for.

Today, in this blog post we will take a deep dive into benefits as well as reasons why you should become a Cisco CCIE Certified professional in India. Meanwhile, you might also like to read – How to become a Successful CCIE in India? If you are in networking sector or willing to make your career in networking, then without wasting time scroll down and have a look at top reasons for becoming CCIE Certified.


1. CCIE’s Master the technology – Top CCIE Jobs await for them in India

To achieve CCIE status everyone has to pass  2 levels first is the associate level CCNA, second is professional level CCNP and then you can go for expert-level i.e. CCIE.  Having CCIE certification means that you master the respective networking technology and have in-depth knowledge of your domain of networking. Technologies can be Routing & Switching, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Service provider etc. Thus, having CCIE certification increases your competency from other networking candidates having CCNA or CCNP certifications. Thousands of job opportunities are available for CCIEs in IT industry, thus you can easily get growth in your career. You might want to find out – 100% Job Guarantee Cisco CCIE Courses in India.

2. CCIE Salary in India is quite pleasing even for fresher’s

One of the most astonishing fact about the CCIE Certified professionals is that the CCIE experts in India are the highest paid IT professionals. In fact, CCIE Salary in India for a fresher is also quite pleasing. As stated above, there is a great demand for CCIE experts in IT industry and the availability is just like a drop in the ocean. Due to their increased requirement, they are paid very good salary. So, if you are willing to get a good salary from the start of your career, then CCIE certification can help you to live your dream. Remember that CCIE Certified professionals are inevitable requirement of every IT company and thus they are paid a good sum. Click here to know CCIE Salary in India for metro cities?

3. Ever Increasing Scope of CCIE in India

With the passage of the time, technology is growing at a fast pace and new networking devices are approaching the Indian market. Highly secure networks are inevitable requirement of every IT company in India and thus there is a great demand for the Networking professionals in Networking Industry. Due to lack of required candidates and ever growing technology the scope of CCIE is increasing and has a lot to offer to the skilled and deserving candidates.

4. Multiple Job Roles, Exponential Growth opportunities

After the completion of certification course, your job opportunities will increase manifolds as numerous of top IT companies require highly skilled CCIE Certified professionals for managing their networks. Today IT companies have numerous vacancies for the post of Network engineer, Network Security Engineer, IT Administrators, Cisco Experts etc. but they are unable to get  skilled professional. In addition to this CCIE is the pinnacle in the field of networking and it takes dedicated efforts of years to achieve the goal of becoming CCIE. Thus post completion of your certification, thousands of job opportunities , exponential career growth will be waiting at your doorstep.

5. As a CCIE in India, Your Career is Secure

The requirement of CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry will not be fulfilled in the years to come. Thus, there is hardly any fear of recession in the concerned profession. For IT companies properly build, implemented and highly secured Network is of immense importance as a disturbance in the network for a short span can result in heavy losses. Hence, network specialists are of great importance to the IT companies. However, remember that the technology is growing and you must update it for meeting the requirements of the IT industry.

So, if you are deciding your career path and networking is your interest, then step forward to becoming CCIE certified professional for exploring the available opportunities and climbing up the ladder of success. To become a CCIE Certified professional, one would need a right and authorized cisco training partner. Network Bulls is India’s No.1 Cisco CCIE Training company that holds the record of over 90% CCIE Success rate in 1st attempt and that’s best in the world.

Network Bulls’ CCIE Training in India is renowned as a career-changing journey for students.  More than 13000 students have got certified and placed from this Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Training Institute. We aim at transforming a fresher into complete professional and making them job ready as per the requirement of the industry. You can be next !

Contact us for more details on courses, training batches, CCIE jobs & more. Indian students can call us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

Sep 16

MVTE – World’s Most Advanced CCIE Training Program, Perfect CCIE Course to get Job Placement

New advancements are approaching the market and IT companies are making use of latest networking devices from multiple vendors such as Juniper, Palo-Alto, checkpoint etc. Cisco is the pioneer networking device provider in the industry, but in the past few year different networking vendors have entered the market. Today, IT companies build their network infrastructure making use of networking devices of multiple device providers and thus they require IT professional having knowledge of latest networking devices from various equipment suppliers.

MVTE – Network Bulls introduces Most advanced CCIE Training Program


Considering the requirement of the IT industry and after having a discussion with technical managers of top IT companies, a special course has been introduced by Network Bulls – best Cisco networking institute in India. The course is known as Multi-Vendor Technology Expert (MVTE). The course aims at making students an expert in different networking technologies which makes them competent from other networking candidates.

What you learn under MVTE CCIE Training?

CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S + CCIE R&S + Advanced BGP + Advanced MPLS + Nexus + Virtualization + Cisco Firewall + Juniper SRX Firewall + Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall + Checkpoint Firewall + VPN + Cloud Computing + Network Monitoring + Ticketing Tools

MVTE course is first of its kind and much appreciated in the IT industry. The course is just a perfect combination of Cisco course and different latest networking technologies. After the completion of the course, you will have a thorough knowledge of Network designing, Network Implementation, Network Security, and Network Monitoring and Ticketing.

Makes your eligible multiple CCIE Job Roles

Becoming eligible for varied job roles increases your job opportunities in the market. Network Bull’s MVTE course makes you an expert in a Routing and Switching, Firewalls, Virtualizations, monitoring and imparts knowledge of various other Networking devices. Thus, in addition to handling Cisco Networks, you can also work on the network made via devices of different Vendors. So, you will be eligible for multiple job profiles and getting a job will be an easy task for you. Job Roles you will be eligible for –

  • Network Engineer
  • Sr. Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist

How it suits for 100% Job Placements?

Network Bulls not only provides technical training to its students but also extra classes for making them job ready in accordance with the requirement of the industry. The extra classes include spoken English classes, interview seminars, mock interview sessions, CV writing classes, and group discussion sessions. These sessions are provided as an additional benefit to students and no extra fee is charged for these sessions.

Network Bulls provides 100% job guarantee on MVTE course. So if getting placed with a top IT company is your aim of learning Networking, then MVTE course is just a perfect option for you.


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Sep 16

David of Nigeria achieves his CCIE R&S #53366 in 1st attempt, Shares Network Bulls CCIE R&S Training Reviews

Achieving Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Status or Number is quite a tough task and millions of students across the globe strive hard to get CCIE status. Only right training under the guidance of experienced and certified trainers, exposure to the real lab environment and hard work can make it happen. Being a CCIE Certified expert means a great career, handsome salary package, respect from colleagues and much more.

David Imoko from Nigeria had the same dream and wanted to become a CCIE certified expert in R&S Technology. After doing a thorough research for weeks, he came to Network Bulls, Gurgaon India – World’s most trusted Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Training Institute for  his CCIE training. Today we will look at his journey of becoming CCIE R&S #53366.

Today we will look at his journey of becoming CCIE R&S #53366. Meanwhile, you can also read – More & More International Students Choosing Network Bulls for Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training.

David’s Search for right CCIE Training Institute in Nigeria ends with Network Bulls

Once decided, David started looking out for best CCNA Training Institutes in Nigeria, best CCIE Training Institutes in Nigeria and found few Cisco training companies in Nigeria online but all of them were not having a world class training infrastructure which is must to become a CCIE.

He also found Network Bulls’ name very prominently highlighted by fellow Nigerian students on web. He discussed with it friends and luckily few of them have been to Network Bulls already. They also went for Cisco CCNA, CCIE Training in India and successfully achieved their CCIE Number or career dreams. He got all the information which he needed from Network Bulls testimonials, Network Bulls reviews and got convinced about Network Bulls.

David’s CCIE R&S Training in India, Let’s hear it from him

“Hi everyone, I came to Network Bulls for CCIE R&S training as Nigeria has very less good options for CCNA Training & CCIE Training in Nigeria. I also searched CCNA & CCIE Training Institutes in Lagos, which is a major city in Nigeria. But finally, I came to know about NB from my friend, who got his CCIE number from this Asia’s No.1 Training institute. Likewise, I also got my CCIE number #53366 from Network Bulls.

I think Network Bulls is a nice place, so anyone who wants to learn technology and become CCIE certified professional should come and enroll with Network Bulls. Training Instructors at NB is good, they give you the material, the T-shoot, proxies etc.  Highlights of training are – World’s biggest Cisco labs which is 24×7 accessible and CCIE Certified trainers. So, anyone who wants to follow the same path, I call you to come here.

I was well-taken care here, Visa, Meals, Hotel & other support was provided genuinely. I made new friends as well, many students from Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Cameroon & other African countries come here, so you are never away from friends. It’s like home away from home.

Thanks for NB Team for meeting my expectations in terms of everything.”

You may like this: Daniel from Congo, Nigeria, Shares his Network Bulls CCIE R&S & MCSA Training Journey

The Learning from David’s Story 

Are you unable to find best Cisco training institute in your country? Want to join world’s No-1 networking institute? If yes, we at Network Bulls are here to provide you with the best networking Training. We take special care of our international students and provide them numerous facilities such as accommodation facility, meal facility, visa assistance and a lot more. Read our International students written reviews and video testimonials from here: https://www.networkbulls.com/international/customer-reviews

If you have any query then feel free talk our counselor +91- 9540774889, 8745885377 or just drop your mail at: admin@networkbulls.com.

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