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Top 5 reasons Why you should be a Cisco CCIE Certified Professional in India

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is amongst the most admirable and rewarding IT certification in the Networking Industry. Many IT students and professionals face a big dilemma when it comes to taking up CCIE certification Course as they don’t know the value of Cisco CCIE certification in India. They only end up realizing their mistake when someone else achieves the same success after CCIE Certification which they always wished for. Today, in this blog post we will take a deep dive into benefits as well as reasons why you must consider CCIE Certification seriously if you are in networking sector or willing to make career in networking.

1. CCIE’s Master the technology – Top CCIE Jobs await for them

To achieve CCIE status everyone has to pass  2 levels first is the associate level CCNA, second is professional level CCNP and then you can go for expert-level i.e. CCIE.  Having CCIE certification means that you master the respective networking technology and have in-depth knowledge of your domain of networking. Technologies can be Routing & Switching, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Service provider etc. Thus, having CCIE certification increases your competency from other networking candidates having CCNA or CCNP certifications.

2. CCIE Salary in India is quite pleasing even for fresher’s

One of the most astonishing fact about the CCIE Certified professionals is that the CCIE experts in India are the highest paid IT professionals. As stated above, there is a great demand for CCIE experts in IT industry and the availability is just like a drop in the ocean. Due to their increased requirement, they are paid very good salary. So, if you are willing to get a good salary from the start of your career, then CCIE certification can help you to live your dream. Remember that CCIE Certified professionals are inevitable requirement of every IT company and thus they are paid a good sum.

3. Ever Increasing Scope of CCIE in India

With the passage of the time, technology is growing at a fast pace and new networking devices are approaching the market. Highly secure networks are inevitable requirement of every IT company and thus there is a great demand for the Networking professionals in Networking Industry. Due to lack of required candidates and ever growing technology the scope of CCIE is increasing and has a lot to offer to the skilled and deserving candidates.

4. Multiple Job Roles, Exponential Growth opportunities

After the completion of certification course, your job opportunities will increase manifolds as numerous of top IT companies require highly skilled CCIE Certified professionals for managing their networks. Today IT companies have numerous vacancies for the post of Network engineer, Network Security Engineer, IT Administrators, Cisco Experts etc. but they are unable to get  skilled professional. In addition to this CCIE is the pinnacle in the field of networking and it takes dedicated efforts of years to achieve the goal of becoming CCIE. Thus post completion of your certification, thousands of job opportunities , exponential career growth will be waiting at your doorstep.

5. As a CCIE in India, Your Career is Secure

The requirement of CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry will not be fulfilled in the years to come. Thus, there is hardly any fear of recession in the concerned profession. For IT companies properly build, implemented and highly secured Network is of immense importance as a disturbance in the network for a short span can result in heavy losses. Hence, network specialists are of great importance to the IT companies. However, remember that the technology is growing and you must update it for meeting the requirements of the IT industry.

So, if you are deciding your career path and networking is your interest, then step forward to becoming CCIE certified professional for exploring the available opportunities and climbing up the ladder of success.

Sep 16

MVTE – World’s Most Advanced CCIE Training Program, Perfect CCIE Course to get Job Placement

New advancements are approaching the market and IT companies are making use of latest networking devices from multiple vendors such as Juniper, Palo-Alto, checkpoint etc. Cisco is the pioneer networking device provider in the industry, but in the past few year different networking vendors have entered the market. Today, IT companies build their network infrastructure making use of networking devices of multiple device providers and thus they require IT professional having knowledge of latest networking devices from various equipment suppliers.

MVTE – Network Bulls introduces Most advanced CCIE Training Program

Considering the requirement of the IT industry and after having a discussion with technical managers of top IT companies, a special course has been introduced by Network Bulls – best Cisco networking institute in India. The course is known as Multi-Vendor Technology Expert (MVTE). The course aims at making students an expert in different networking technologies which makes them competent from other networking candidates.

What you learn under MVTE CCIE Training?

CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S + CCIE R&S + Advanced BGP + Advanced MPLS + Nexus + Virtualization + Cisco Firewall + Juniper SRX Firewall + Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall + Checkpoint Firewall + VPN + Cloud Computing + Network Monitoring + Ticketing Tools

MVTE course is first of its kind and much appreciated in the IT industry. The course is just a perfect combination of Cisco course and different latest networking technologies. After the completion of the course, you will have a thorough knowledge of Network designing, Network Implementation, Network Security, and Network Monitoring and Ticketing.

Makes your eligible multiple CCIE Job Roles

Becoming eligible for varied job roles increases your job opportunities in the market. Network Bull’s MVTE course makes you an expert in a Routing and Switching, Firewalls, Virtualizations, monitoring and imparts knowledge of various other Networking devices. Thus, in addition to handling Cisco Networks, you can also work on the network made via devices of different Vendors. So, you will be eligible for multiple job profiles and getting a job will be an easy task for you. Job Roles you will be eligible for -

  • Network Engineer
  • Sr. Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist

How it suits for 100% Job Placements?

Network Bulls not only provides technical training to its students but also extra classes for making them job ready in accordance with the requirement of the industry. The extra classes include spoken English classes, interview seminars, mock interview sessions, CV writing classes, and group discussion sessions. These sessions are provided as an additional benefit to students and no extra fee is charged for these sessions.

Network Bulls provides 100% job guarantee on MVTE course. So if getting placed with a top IT company is your aim of learning Networking, then MVTE course is just a perfect option for you.


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Sep 16

David of Nigeria achieves his CCIE R&S #53366 in 1st attempt, Shares Network Bulls CCIE R&S Training Reviews

Achieving Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Status or Number is quite a tough task and millions of students across the globe strive hard to get CCIE status. Only right training under the guidance of experienced and certified trainers, exposure to the real lab environment and hard work can make it happen. Being a CCIE Certified expert means a great career, handsome salary package, respect from colleagues and much more.

David Imoko from Nigeria had the same dream and wanted to become a CCIE certified expert in R&S Technology. After doing a thorough research for weeks, he came to Network Bulls – World’s most trusted Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Training Institute for  the training. Today we will look at his journey of becoming CCIE R&S #53366.

David’s Search for right CCIE Training Institute in Nigeria ends with Network Bulls

Once decided, David started looking out for CCNA Training in Nigeria, CCIE Training in Nigeria and found few Cisco training companies in Nigeria online but all of them were not having a world class training infrastructure which is must to become a CCIE.

He also found Network Bulls’ name very prominently highlighted by fellow Nigerian students on web. He discussed with it friends and luckily few of them have been to Network Bulls already. They also went for CCNA, CCIE Training in India and successfully achieved their CCIE Number or career dreams. He got all the information which he needed from Network Bulls testimonials, Network Bulls reviews and got convinced about Network Bulls.

David’s CCIE R&S Training in India, Let’s hear it from him

“Hi everyone, I came to Network Bulls for CCIE R&S training as Nigeria has very less good options for CCNA Training & CCIE Training in Nigeria. I also searched CCNA & CCIE Training Institutes in Lagos, which is a major city in Nigeria. But finally, I came to know about NB from my friend, who got his CCIE number from here. Likewise, I also got my CCIE number #53366 from Network Bulls.

I think Network Bulls is a nice place, so anyone who wants to learn technology and become CCIE certified professional should come and enroll with Network Bulls. Training Instructors at NB is good, they give you the material, the T-shoot, proxies etc.  Highlights of training are – World’s biggest Cisco labs which is 24×7 accessible and CCIE Certified trainers. So, anyone who wants to follow the same path, I call you to come here.

I was well-taken care here, Visa, Meals, Hotel & other support was provided genuinely. I made new friends as well, many students from Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Cameroon & other African countries come here, so you are never away from friends. It’s like home away from home.

Thanks for NB Team for meeting my expectations in terms of everything.”

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Sep 16

Top 5 Networking Concepts to prepare for CCNA Routing & Switching Examination

Passing Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) examination is a hard nut to crack as you need to have in-depth knowledge of varied fundamental networking topics. If you are preparing for CCNA examination, then you must be familiar with number of different technologies. As per Cisco guidelines, you must consider topics under 200-125 CCNA or 100-105 ICND1 exams for CCNA R&S.

However, there are few topics or modules that you must prepare for the CCNA examination. Today, In this blog we will list out those Top 5 CCNA R&S Examination Topics which you must prepare.

1. OSI model and TCP/IP

This is amongst one of most important as well as a fundamental topic that you must cover while preparing for CCNA R&S examination. The open systems interconnection model (OSI model) defines the framework of networking for implementing the protocols in seven different layers.  You are required to study all the seven layers of OSI model in detail.

The seven layer of OSI model includes – Physical layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport layer, Session layer, Presentation Layer and Application Layer.

The Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol is set of communication protocol which is used for interconnecting network devices. The topic is considered to be the foundation of the networking course, thus you must know in detail about OSI model and TCP/IP model.

2. Subnetting

Second major topic to prepare for the examination is subnetting. In this topic, you will learn to divide a network into two or more networks. Subnetting provides two major benefits –

a) The performance issues of the network can be resolved without affecting the other parts of the same networks.

b) The maintenance of the network becomes an easy task as it is quite easy to manage different small networks.

If you are going to give your CCNA examination, then you must know about the working and the concepts of Subnetting.

3. IPv6 

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) is the latest version of Internet Protocol. Remember that IPv6 is considered as a separate component for the purpose of CCNA examination.  It is a communication protocol which provides for identification as well as a location system for the computers on route traffic and network across the net. IPv6 is a step ahead of Internet Protocol and is little more comprehensive and complex.

4. Wireless Access

Another important topic to cover for your CCNA examination is the Wireless Access as the wireless technology is gaining importance with the passage of the time. Numerous wireless routers and networking equipment are offered by Cisco and every company is trying to switch to wireless technology. So, the wireless access has become an important topic of CCNA certification examination.

5. Network Access Translation

Often abbreviated as NAT is used for modification of information of the IP address into the IPv4 header when in transit via network. One-to-one NAT or the basic NAT is considered to be the simplest NAT amongst the different types of NAT. Basic NAT is used for the purpose of interconnecting 2 IP networks which have incompatible addressing. It is amongst commonly used NAT as numerous network users and employees make use of it for the purpose of remote accessing.

Pass 200-125 CCNA or 100-125 CCNA  exams with Network Bulls – India’s No.1 CCNA Training Institute

CCNA R&S is the associate level certification of Cisco and first step of any candidate into the world of networking. That marks the importance of right training at this level and aspirants should only consider the best when it comes to CCNA R&S Training in India. For gaining in-depth knowledge and excelling networking skills enroll with Network Bulls – India’s No.1 CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE training institute.

Network Bulls is an authorized Cisco training partner and follows Cisco official course curriculum for CCNA R&S Training at Gurgaon center.  In addition Network Bulls also provides its students with ample of study material such as lab workbooks, sample questions, video lectures and a lot more. With CCIE Certified trainers & world’s largest cisco training labs, it offers an amazing learning environment for all CCNA attendees.

Contact Us Now or Call us at 1800-3070-7628 or email us at admin@networkbulls.com

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Sep 16

Get Inspired – Ayush Speaks about Network Bulls Job Placement, CCIE Security Training Reviews & More

Millions of job opportunities are available in the field of networking but for reaping these opportunities one needs to have sound networking knowledge, skills & credentials to validate the same. Nothing validates a candidate’s skills & knowledge better than Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Certifications.

In fact, Cisco CCIE Certifications are world’s most demanded and highly paid IT certifications, plus they are accepted worldwide. To get Cisco certifications training students need to join – A Cisco authorized Best Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training Institute in India.

Ayush Joined Network Bulls – Best Cisco CCIE Training Institute in Delhi/NCR

Ayush made a right move in his career and opted for Cisco certification course. He searched on the web for best networking institute in India and found Network Bulls. After researching more on its credentials, listening to student’s Network Bulls reviews & testimonials enrolled for Cisco CCIE Security Integrated Course.

And then his CCIE Security Training in Gurgaon, Network Bulls started under the guidance of CCIE Certified Trainers. Let’s listen to his CCIE Security Training reviews and Job Placement Story.

Started CCIE Training under NB 100% Job Guarantee Course Program

“I joined Network Bulls for my CCIE Security Course in July 2015. It has been almost a year at Network Bulls. I really had a fantastic year at Network Bulls, completing my CCIE Security training and developing my skills. There is a lot to admire about Network Bulls & its CCIE Training. At top of the list is technical training which is very good and you get to learn a lot about different technologies such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls etc. and can develop your skills.”

NB Facilities – CCIE Trainers | World’s Largest Cisco Training Labs | 24×7 Lab Access

For a successful training, great mentors are must and Network Bulls has biggest pool of CCIE Certified trainers for students. Labs infrastructure has world class facilities. In fact, NB labs are among top 5 Cisco training labs in the world.  NB labs are fully equipped with latest & real Cisco devices and racks

We have 24×7 access to labs. So, you can come here at any hour of the day and can complete your practical training. Lab instructors are always available in the lab, so you can easily take their help for completing your practical and can learn more.

How I got job placement with help of Network Bulls?

“Recently I got job placement with KareXpert technologies – a cloud-based healthcare platform. As promised in the beginning Network Bulls stood by its commitments of 100% job guarantee course program.

Under this program, Network Bulls keep organizing Campus placement drives at its Gurgaon center and I participated in one. You might be amazed to know that I am placed with KareXpert technologies even before the completion of my CCIE Security course.

I would like to thank the placement team of Network Bulls. I got job Offer from not only KareXpert  but also from three to four other IT companies.  I finally decided to join KareXpert technologies. I am really thankful to Network Bulls for helping me to grow in my career.”

You are the Next – Be @ Best Cisco CCIE Security Training Institute in India

Ayush is one of the thousands Network Bulls students, who have achieved their career dreams from here. you can also gain excellence in networking and can get placed with Big MNC even before the completion of your Cisco CCIE course.  In last one year, 3000+ students have got job placements after CCIE Training from Network Bulls.

If your core objective of learning Networking is to get placed with a renowned IT company, then 100% job guarantee course of Network Bulls is just the right option for you.  The Written job guarantee is provided to students enrolling in 100% job guarantee courses.

Contact Us Now or Call us at 1800-3070-7628 or email us at admin@networkbulls.com



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Sep 16

Vikramjit clears CCIE Routing & Switching in 1st attempt after Cisco Training in Network Bulls, India

Today we look at success story of Vikramjit, an Indian NRI who came to India from Ireland for Cisco CCIE Training and achieved his CCIE dream. Today he is a CCIE R&S Certified expert and his CCIE number is  #53830.

Proper guidance and right decisions are quite important in the life of every individual as in the absence of anyone, people are not able to achieve their pre-determined career goals. Thus, if you have some goals to achieve and certificates are needed for the same then enroll with the best training company or institute even if you have to go to any other country. And that’s what happened with Vikramjit.

Finding Network Bulls  – Best CCIE R&S Training Institute in India

Vikramjit came from Ireland to India, just for his CCIE Routing & Switching Certification. For him, it was important to find a right Cisco CCIE Training Institute in India. He went on Google, spoke to many Indian friends, visited multiple CCIE training Institutes and after all that research he came to Network Bulls and in his first visit enrolled for Cisco CCIE Course.


Why I Selected CCIE R&S Certification?

As we all know CCIE Certification is world’s most prestigious IT Certification and for me, it was very important career milestone to achieve great heights in career. Scope of CCIE is unparallel worldwide and in my country, it was same too. CCIE Routing & Switching jobs have been in very much in demand and I had interest too. Plus Salary after CCIE R&S is also very handsome. That was the reason to go for CCIE Routing & Switching  Certification.

My experience @ Network Bulls – World’s Most Trusted Cisco Training Company for CCIE Results

“Hi, my name is Vikramjit Singh and I am from Ireland. This is a great institute as the people here know what they are doing. I have made some inquiries in the other institutes and they were not able to satisfy my requirements.

When I came here it was really good environment, 24*7 lab facility. You can come here and practice at any hour of the day.  Yes, it gave me very fruitful result as last week I just cleared my CCIE R&S examination. Finally, I have achieved biggest milestone of my life and looking forward to moving to the next one.”

Great Support by Team Network Bulls

“I am really thankful to all the staff members, faculty and everybody at Network Bulls. I would love to thanks few people who moved with me in my journey to success – Mr. Mohit Bhalla, Mr. Piyush Kataria, and Mr.Ajaypal. All of them are very knowledgeable & Certified trainers; they know what they are talking about. Whenever I used to face any problem, I used to straight away go to them and they would solve my problem in a minute. It was a really good experience at Network Bulls.

Mr. Vikas, who is the owner of this elite training institution, is a very friendly guy. I recommend Network Bulls to everybody who wants to study networking and become a CCIE certified expert. In a nutshell, I will suggest all networking aspirants to come here and spend the money instead of wasting it in other institutes. “

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Sep 16

AIT Delhi, Students visit to NB – One of Top 5 Institutes for Industrial Training in India

Completing Graduation in IT field is not enough to get a great job placement nowadays, one has to do high-end IT certification courses for building a bright career ahead. With the passage of the time, the scope of Networking is increasing manifold. Thus, Network Bulls – India’s No. 1 Cisco CCIE Training Institute keeps organizing workshops and industrial visits for students. This time, NB did it got students of Aditya Institute of Technology, Delhi.

“Network Bulls conducted a working on networking for AIT, Delhi Students at their campus on 20th Aug which was followed by Industrial visit to NB campus on 25th & 26th Aug.”



Why Network Bulls Cisco Training Workshops & Industrial Visits matter big?

The sole purpose of these Cisco training workshops and industrial visit is to educate students about basics of Networking and its ever growing scope. Network Bulls’ CCIE Certified Trainers cover all basics to make students familiar with IT Networking domain.

Cisco Networking Basic Topics covered in workshops –

  • Basics and Fundamentals of Networking
  • Types of Networks
  • IP Addressing
  • Subnetting
  • OSI model of networking


AIT Industrial Visit @ NB Campus – Best Industrial Training Institute,  Delhi/Gurgaon

After conducting the workshop, an industrial visit of students was conducted at Network Bulls’ Gurgaon Cisco training center. The industrial visit had two major sessions –

1. Theoretical session

A theoretical session was conducted by Network Bull’s trainer in which next level of basics of networking, fundamentals, techniques etc. were covered. To make students revise the stuff taught in the workshop and develop a better understanding of the topics. This theoretical session also prepared them for the practical session.

2. Practical session @ World’s Largest Cisco Training Labs of Network Bulls –

Post completion of theoretical session, Students visited world’s largest Cisco labs where they saw real Cisco devices and live racks. After making them familiar with the devices a demonstration was given on the real Cisco devices. Students were shown how to access Routers and Switches, how to set a password on Routers and Switches, how to use Cisco devices in the real scenarios and much more.

In addition, trainer also conducted a discussion in which he suggested the software students can use such as Putty, Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS 3 etc. Students were excited with the experience they got and shared very positive feedbacks with us after the visit.


Why to Choose Network Bulls for Industrial Training in India?

Network Bulls has established itself as one of the best Industrial training institutes in last 6 years not only in Delhi/NCR but in India also. Network Bulls offers wide range of training courses under its industrial training programs. Major ones are -

  • 4 Months CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S Industrial Training in Gurgaon
  • 4 Months CCNA R&S + CCNA Security + Ethical Security Training in Delhi/NCR

Above courses are for regular batches  which include weekdays. For weekend batches same programs turn into 6 months industrial training programs in Delhi/NCR. After these industrial trainings from Network Bulls an attendee can also look for jobs in industry.

Apart from these Network Bulls also offers CCNA Industrial training, CCIE R&S Integrated, CCIE Security Integrated Industrial Training programs. For CCIE Integrated Industrial training courses Network Bulls also assures 100% job placement guarantee.

Enroll with Network Bulls today and make your career fly.

Contact Us Now or Call us at 1800-3070-7628 or email us at admin@networkbulls.com

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