Aug 16

Which NB CCIE Course is for YOU – CCIE R&S Int. Vs CCIE Security Int. Vs MVTE

In last 5 years, Networking industry has become a favorite domain for many IT professionals because of opportunities and pay scale it offers. So if you are deciding your career field then, you must consider it because future in Networking has unlimited as well as bright career opportunities. To make a shining career in networking, Cisco Certifications are huge boosters.

Being leader in networking Cisco pioneers the technology as well as courses which make you a networking expert. Cisco offers certification in 3 levels (CCNA,CCNP,CCIE) for various technologies. So which technology is to go for and excel is a million dollar question.

Before jumping on that, we would like to inform you all that always go for a Cisco authorized training company for training. Other factors you should consider while choosing a Cisco training partner – Trainers, Labs infrastructure and Learning environment plus results. Network Bulls – India’s No. 1 Cisco training company, offers all under one roof for Cisco aspirants.

Let’s Look a detailed comparative analysis of 3 major Cisco Certification Courses offered by NB  -



Apart from being different there are some common points in above courses -

  1. Network Bulls offers 100% Job guarantee for all above courses. Exciting, Right?
  2. All Above courses make you an expert professional in respective technology which always helps you in career.
  3. Network Bulls follows Cisco guidelines in training of above courses.
  4. All practical training is provided on real devices + live racks.
  5. Team Network Bulls will work on your personality development, soft skills and communication skills in all 3 courses to make you job ready.

Here are the Quick links of these courses -

CCIE R&S Integrated – https://www.networkbulls.com/training-ccie-institute-india

CCIE Security Integratedhttps://www.networkbulls.com/training-ccie-security-india

Multi-Vendor Technology Expert (MVTE) – https://www.networkbulls.com/multi-vendor


So now you can easily compare these 3 and decide which one to choose? Every program is unique and designed after considering the requirements of top IT companies.

Network Bulls – India’s No.1 Cisco Training company

Network bulls is a well reputed Cisco training company in India. With record breaking placements in last 6 years, total 13000+ students have got their certifications & placements from here. This number includes international students as well who come from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe etc.

Hear from our happily placed NB students – https://www.networkbulls.com/placement-records

Thousands of students enroll in 100% job guarantee courses at Network Bulls and get placed with Big MNCs even before the completion of their CCIE training. Network Bulls has got world’s largest Cisco labs which are well-equipped with fully functional real devices and racks. In fact, there are separate labs for different levels namely CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. In addition, its labs are open all round the clock. So, you can come and have access to live racks and real devices as and when you want.

So what are you waiting for – Enroll with Network Bulls today and make your career fly.

Contact Us Now or Call us at 1800-3070-7628 or email us at admin@networkbulls.com

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Aug 16

Get to Know everything about Cisco CCIE R&S Certification & Training in India

“There are only 35,000 CCIE R&S Certified engineers worldwide and almost 300,000 experts are required in IT Networking Industry”

With the advancement in the technology, networking is becoming the booming field of employment. If you want to reap the job opportunities in the field of Networking, then you must opt for Cisco certification. The prestigious Cisco certification is recognized and accepted all round the globe. Thus, after completing and becoming CCIE certified your doors to big MNC will get opened. CCIE certification can be done in eight different tracks out of which Routing and Switching, Security and Voice/Collaboration are amongst most demanded certifications.

Cisco CCIE R&S Certifications & Training is provided by numerous institutions, but enrolling with any institution is the biggest mistake made by many Cisco aspirants, Always go for Cisco authorized Training Institute. Jobs are available even after the completion of CCIE training without appearing for exams, but you need to have thorough practical knowledge of networking. Thus, enroll with top CCIE institute in India - Network Bulls and gain expertise in Networking domain.

CCIE R&S Certification at glance

The CCIE R&S certification has three levels namely CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. CCNA is initial or the associate level certification, which is followed by CCNP, the professional level exam. CCIE is the last and the expert level examination.

Prerequisites for taking CCIE R&S examination are – Having CCNA & CCNP R&S knowledge, so anyone interested in the field of networking or willing to make a career in networking can take up the examination after the same. Check following link for more details – https://www.networkbulls.com/training-ccie-institute-india

You need to qualify CCNA examination for going up to CCNP level. However, if your aim is CCIE, then you need not to give CCNA and CCNP exams. Remember, you need to study both the levels that are CCNA and CCNP, but you need not have their exams cleared for CCIE level.


CCIE R&S examination details

You have to qualify a written exam, which is of two hours, in which the candidate is required to answer 90 to 110 questions. In the written exam skills of planning, configuring & troubleshooting complex networks will be examined. After qualifying the written examination you become eligible for CCIE R&S lab examination.

The CCIE lab examination is of eight hours. You can clear your lab examination within three years of clearing your CCIE R&S written examination. However, you need to give the initial attempt within 18 months from passing the written exam. Remember, if within three years you are not able to qualify the lab examination, you will have to retake the written examination.

Process of CCIE R&S Recertification

In the past few years, there has been a constant up gradation in the technology and the same up gradation is also expected in the near future. Cisco certification is valid for three years and after the span of this time period, professionals are required to give recertification exam. Cisco takes up recertification examination to keep the IT professionals updated with the latest technology. The recertification examination is quite an easy one as only upgraded technology related questions are asked in the examination.

Scope of CCIE R&S Certification and Training

It is now needless to explain the value of CCIE certification in the world of Networking. The prestigious certification has high demand in IT industry. You can climb the ladder of success in your career quite easily with CCIE R&S certification.

You might be amazed to know that millions of job opportunities are available, just after completing the associate level training that is CCNA training. This implies that even before getting CCNA certified you can get placed with top MNCs of the world.

Network Bulls – India’s leading CCIE R&S Training institute

Network Bulls is the leading Cisco Training Company in India which focuses on making students job ready. At NB, we strive hard to get each student placed with Big MNCs. You can enroll in 100% job guarantee Cisco CCIE Courses for assured placements. Network Bulls has world’s largest Cisco labs which are well equipped with fully functional real Cisco devices and racks. Labs at NB are open 24*7; students and professionals can come and complete their practical training in accordance with their time availability.

To speak to NB career advisors and get better career guidance call us on our toll-free number 1800-3070-7628 or Contact Us Now.

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Aug 16

Yatin Makes his Career Fly with Network Bulls, Gets Job Placement with Wipro

“Network Bulls’ role in transforming my career has been critical, I came here as a student and today after training, I am an expert professional”

Millions of students across India complete their graduation degrees and look out for a good job. Every engineering student’s wish is to kick start his/her career with a reputed IT MNC. And we work round the clock to fulfill student’s wishes if they are targeting career in networking.

Yatin was also among those millions of Indian students, looking to make a bright career in networking. And then he found Network Bulls from Google Search and suggested by peers as well.  Looking at credentials of Network Bulls, he decided to come to Gurgaon and pursue Cisco CCIE Certification with NB.

The Search of Right Cisco Training Institute

Many Cisco Training Institutes do not keep their promises which they do on website, social media sites, blogs etc. and that was the reason for numerous doubts in minds. There was a fear that will they provide same facilities described on various digital channels? But my doubt vanished a bit when I saw video testimonials of Network Bulls’ students. That gave me some confidence about this institute. I noticed and realized that actually the facilities promised and recited were provided with.

Here is my Cisco CCIE Training Journey with NB

“Hi, I joined the institute on 10th of March and I still remember that day very well. The biggest purpose of joining Network Bulls was to get knowledge & attain skills needed to be an expert in the field of networking. I enrolled for CCIE Security Integrated Course, This Course had -

CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CCIE Security Version 5, Juniper SRX firewall, Checkpoint Firewall, Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls, etc.

A perfect course to become an expert in Cisco Security domain. Classes started with CCNA, as it is the base for CCNP and CCIE. First month passed and things started to move smoothly. Yes, as they say their labs are open and accessible all round the clock. The best part is that the trainers were also available all time, so even if you are studying late at night you have the assistance a trainer.”

They kept their promises and Today I am Placed at Wipro

“One thing which was still tickling in my mind, 100% CCIE placement guarantee promise. It was quite hard to believe but after attaining my certification, I was approached by NB placement team and within few days I started receiving calls from Top MNCs for jobs. All the classes of Spoken English, Resume Writing, Group Discussions & Personality development given in last phase of course, came handy in this process. Because of all these efforts from Network Bulls, I am placed at Wipro Today. Thanks NB”

Are you the Next?

Network Bulls has a dedicated placement team which gets maximum students placed before the completion of their training.  If you wish to make a big career move in life and get placed with a big MNC, enroll for 100% Job Guarantee Cisco CCIE Integrated Courses of Network Bulls Today –https://www.networkbulls.com/nb-jobguarantee

To speak to our career advisors and get better career guidance call us on our toll-free number 1800-3070-7628 or Contact Us Now.

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Aug 16

Why CCIE Security Certification?

In today’s era, internet and technology have become an inseparable part of our day to day life. A little bit of interruption in the network gives a halt to the operation of thousands of big IT companies. Thus, for uninterrupted functioning of various technological devices, Network specialists are highly demanded in the IT industry. In addition to proper functioning, security of networking devices is also very valuable to IT companies, as heavy losses can occur in the case of security issues. Security of networking devices has given rise to the requirement of Network Security Specialist in every IT company.  

Get into Networking Career & Make Most of the Opportunities

Now we know that IT Networking has huge scope, but as a student how to make career in it? That is the biggest question. Answer is simple, if you have a graduation degree and interest in networking.; that is enough. Since Cisco is leader in networking devices, better to go for Cisco Certifications Training & Exams. These certifications will establish your credentials as networking expert.

Cisco offers certifications in multiple technologies such as Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center, Collaboration etc. Choose technology of your interest and go for Cisco Certification Training in India.

Lead your career with CCIE Security Certification

Out of all CCIE Security Certification is most prestigious IT Certification and is in high demand these days. End to End secure networks are an unavoidable demand of every IT company, thus the demand for Network Security experts is really high in the market. You might be amazed to know that number of security specialist available in the market is manifold less than the demand of the industry. Hence CCIE security jobs are amongst highest paid jobs in networking.


Choosing a Right Training Partner

For having a successful career in networking right training in Cisco certifications is critical. So everyone must choose a Cisco authorized training company. In India, Network Bulls is the biggest name among Networking Institutes.

Assessing labs infrastructure & trainer’s credentials is also very important while choosing a training company. And in the end, comes CCIE Results from that institute. So keep your thinking cap on and choose the best.  

What will you Learn in CCIE Security Certification Training?

CCIE Security Certification is designed for making students expert in designing as well securing networks of all levels. To do this course you should have knowledge of CCNA R&S, CCNA Security & CCNP Security, which means this is highest level of Cisco certification in security and can open world of opportunities for you.

Under this course, an attendee learns > Network Designing, Network Implementation, Network Security, and Network troubleshooting. After finishing this course an attendee can handle an enterprise level network easily.

Jobs, Jobs & Jobs after CCIE Security Number

Getting a CCIE number is the biggest achievement while networking training. After training, attendees can go for Cisco Security exams to get this number allotted by Cisco. A widely accepted proof of your expertise worldwide.

After the completion of CCIE security course, you become eligible for varied job roles such as  –

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist


CCIE Security certification opens a lot of career opportunities for a candidate. As per stats,

“There are only 6000 CCIE Security Certified network engineers worldwide and demand is of 200,000.”

No need to explain the importance and scope of this. So if you wish to get into Networking then give a shot to CCIE Security Certifications for sure.

Network Bulls – World’s Most Trusted Cisco CCIE Security Training institute

Network Bulls is one of the most trusted Cisco CCIE security training institutes not only in India but worldwide as well. Just to mention, Network Bulls has world’s largest lab infrastructure for CCIE Security training. Its labs are rated among top 5 in the world.

Then off course, its CCIE Certified trainers, training methodology, learning environment makes it as one of the top choices for students worldwide. No wonder, this Cisco CCIE Training company has produced highest 1st attempt success rate in 2015-16. Riding on success students from 50+ countries have got Cisco CCIE Security Certified from here, When are you joining here?

Contact Network Bulls Career Advisors for More help NOW.

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Aug 16

July witnesses Campus Drives of RailTel & KareXpert Technologies @ NB

Job placements drives are regular at Network Bulls. Institute enjoys a great reputation among Indian corporate & MNCs because of students’ skills and knowledge. Like all other months, In July renowned companies RailTel – An arm of Indian Railway and KareXpert Technologies visited Network Bulls in hunt of talented Network Engineers.

For students, it was a great opportunity as they got chance to be part of such prestigious organizations. Network Bulls placement team should be given credit for that along with Network Bulls trainers who train each student every day.

The Initial Screening

Both organizations shared job profiles along with number of positions opened, Major requirements were of Network Engineers and Network Security Engineers.  Further, profiles of interested candidates were sent to both companies by our placement team. After resume screening prospective candidates were finalized along with date of campus drive.

That’s why RESUME WRITING classes at Network Bulls are important. Resume is first line of communication with employers, we recommend all students to follow resume writing lessons taught at NB very seriously.

RailTel Placement Drive

First in action was RailTel, they visited the campus on 8th July to interview prospective Network Bulls candidates. RailTel was looking to hire 25 Network Engineers for its New Delhi office. 40+ students participated in the drive, test process had 3 rounds.

KareXpert Placement Drive

KareXpert Technologies is an IT Solutions company, primarily renowned for KareXpert – a cloud-based healthcare platform. They were looking for Network Security Engineers and was keen on hiring fresher students. 10+ Students participated in this drive and few definitely achieved their job placement dreams. In this placement drive as well there were 3 rounds of test.

3 Test Rounds

In both campus drives students have to go through 3 rounds, first was basic screening, 2nd was technical and last round was of HR round. In first round delegates tested the basics of students, assessment was more rigorous in second round i.e. technical round. Students who got through earlier 2 went on to attend HR round which focused on joining norms and salary offers.

1. 590-390

The Results

As it was expected, many students out of who attended, successfully cleared the tests and cracked job offers. Few prominent names are –

  • Balaji Poojari,
  • Prashant Tomar
  • Ayush Kumar
  • Gurpreeet Singh
  • Pavan Kumar

Team Network Bulls congratulates all of them who got placements and wish them a great career ahead.

Magic of Network Bulls Cisco Training Prevailed

The excitement among students as well as delegates was great. Delegates were amazed to know that many students were in last few days of their Cisco CCIE training. As result has been, 80% Network Bulls students get placed before ending of course and before getting certified.

Network Bulls has a dedicated placement team which gets maximum students placed before the completion of their training.  If you wish to make a big career move in life and get placed with a big MNC, enroll for 100% Job Guarantee Cisco CCIE Integrated Courses of Network Bulls Today – https://www.networkbulls.com/nb-jobguarantee

To speak to our career advisors and get better career guidance call us on our toll-free number 1800-3070-7628 or Contact Us Now.

Aug 16

“After researching institutions all over the world, I came to Network Bulls” – Dario Charles, USA

Training & certifications have big role to play in career success of any professional. These certifications add up to your knowledge and keep you updated with latest in technology. Dario was among many who looked forward to finish Cisco Certifications & make his career fly. To achieve that he needed a right training partner and his search for a Cisco authorized training partner began.


The Search Begins

Like everyone, Dario started from Google Search and made a list of few options from India, UAE and USA. Considering quality of training, lab infrastructure, cost feasibility and a chance to visit world’s most diverse country, he decided to choose a training company from India.

He shortlisted couple of Cisco Training companies from India, One from Bangalore and another from Gurgaon. After comparing thoroughly he decided to go for Network Bulls, Gurgaon. Let’s hear from him what were the deciding factors -

“I looked at Lab Infrastructure, Quality of Trainers and Learning environment. The I also listened to Student testimonials on YouTube and Network Bulls won over other company from Bangalore. And I must say, all that I expected was right after coming here.”

And The Training Started

Dario had big career plans and Cisco Certifications were key part of that, for the same reason he had did CCIE R&S Integrated and CCIE Security Integrated, both to gain end to end knowledge of Routing & Switching plus Security Technologies. As he himself said -

“I came from New York, USA to India for upgrading my knowledge and become a thorough expert. I have worked with Big IT Names in the past and value of CCIE is huge. My training started with CCNA R&S and I was very impressed the way topics were covered by trainers. All the trainers here are CCIE Certified and have vast Industry experience.

Few trainers who played key role in sharpening my skills were, Mr. Piyush Kataria, Mr. Praveen Kataria and Mr. Vikas kumar, who is also a Triple CCIE and Director of Network Bulls. Lucky to get training from such talented trainers.”

The Perfect Learning Environment  @ World’s Largest Cisco Training Labs

Dario Continues to Share his experience – “I have seen many students leaving other institutes and joining NB, the environment is such. Labs are really big and have separate sections for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. Big plus point is they are 24×7 open, so no limitations on learning. You will find so many CCIEs around you which will motivate you automatically.

If you ask me, to become CCIE there is no better place than Network Bulls in the world. I have done CCIE R&S and CCIE Security from here, It’s my last year’s experience. In the end, I would like to thank NB Staff as well for taking good care of us. Cheers guys, I will be back for my CCIE Collaboration training as well.”

Team Network Bulls is thankful to Dario for taking out time for us and sharing his experience with world. Every month hundreds of students complete their Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE training from here like Dario and you can also be next in the list. Contact Us NOW.


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Aug 16

Network Bulls Student, Anisha Bags No.1 Position in National Network Security Championship

Winning any competition or championship is always a big achievement for anyone, especially if it’s a national level championship. Same feat has been achieved by Kumari Anisha, Student of Network Bulls – India’s No.1 Cisco Training Institute. She secured top spot in National Network Security Championship (NNSC) held on 17th July at IIT Kanpur.

A well-renowned annual championship in the field of networking, Many students from colleges around India participate in this including IITs. The proud organizers of this prestigious championship are – Red Map & Network Bulls in collaboration with E-Cell IIT Kanpur.

The Championship Levels

This championship is conducted at zonal level first where students are trained by organizing workshops.  Workshops are run by Network Bulls – a leading Cisco training company in India. After the workshops, a competition is conducted to choose zonal winners. These zonal winners participate in this National level championship.

The Participants

Students from all over India came to attend this competition and thus it is quite hard to stand at top, but Kumari Anisha with her dedication and proper guidance stood at top position. This year 180 participants attended the championship. Students who participated belonged to different background such as networking, Ethical hacking, Android, Robotics etc. Different tasks were given to the participants in accordance with their background but the completion time was same.

The chief guests of the event were Mr. Amit Garg and Mr. Vinay Arora, Directors of NNSC. The event started with the lighting ceremony and ended with a grand celebration.

Kumari Anisha Dedicates her Win to Network Bulls

“There were two rounds in the competition first one was written and the second one was practical. I completed my written round in the specified time and then practical round started. The practical round’s deadline was 30 minutes and I did it in just 20 minutes, which more or less became the reason for my winning. 


I thank Pratap sir, my trainer from Network Bulls for walking a mile extra for clearing my doubt and making me eligible for competing at national level Championship. I will come back to Network Bulls for completing my CCNP and CCIE security certification soon.”

Let’s See  What her Trainer Mr. Pratap has to Say,

“Kumari Anisha was a studious attendee. She always arrived an hour before in class for getting her doubts cleared. A sign of good student. She was very dedicated and passionate towards her CCNA security training. She gave her best and received the same in return”

A Proud Moment for Network Bulls as Well

Network Bulls feels proud in congratulating our national winner, Kumari Anisha for her excellent performance in NNSC.  She was brilliant during her CCNA Security Training and We wish her a bright future ahead. Like Anisha, you can also be a champion of networking with us. Just speak to our career advisors and enroll for Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE Course as per your interest area today.

To speak to our Career Advisors Call on our Toll Free Number 1800-3070-7628 or Contact Us. To Look at our Courses > Click Here.

So what are you waiting for, Take the first step Now and Make your Career Fly.

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