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10 Top Paying IT Certification Courses in the World

Want to be the part of the highest paying slab? Here are the top 10 IT Certification courses which can help you to live your dream. High-end IT certification courses are the need of the IT industry today as with every passing day the use of technology in business and day to day life is increasing.

Pursuing any of these IT certification courses will not only help you to get a good salary but will also help you to switch your job, get promotion as well as an increment in your current job and a lot more. Remember, that with each passing year in the Industry, your payroll will increase and your salary graph will grow steeply. We have tried to jot down the Top IT certifications in demand today to help you lessen your choices of IT certifications. Let’s have a look at the 10 Top Paying IT Certification Courses –

Top 10 IT Certification Courses

1. CCIE Security

CCIE Security being the highest level of Cisco Certification in Network Security track continues to be the most demanded and Highest paid IT Certification worldwide. CCIE Security makes you an expert in Network Designing, Network Implementation, Network Security, Web Security, and Cloud Security.

Average Salary – USD 160,000

There are around 6,000 CCIE Security Certified Engineers Worldwide whereas IT Industry needs over 200,000 engineers right now. It could be your passport to US and UK.

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2. CCIE Routing & Switching

CCIE Routing & Switching being the most famous Networking Certification continued with its number 2 rank of highest paid IT Certifications. You learn Network Designing, Network implementation, and Troubleshooting during your journey to get CCIE routing & switching certification.

Average Salary – USD 150,000

There are around 35,000 CCIE R&S certified engineers worldwide whereas IT industry needs over 300,000 engineers. Can you see the opportunity?


Certified Information Systems Security Professional has always been the first choice of IT companies looking for experienced professionals for risk analysis. CISSP consists of an exam based around ten different areas in computer security, including risk analysis, cloud computing, security when developing applications, mobile, cryptography, physical security, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and legal and compliance issues.

Average Salary – USD 130,000

CISSP candidates must have at least five years of full-time experience in at least two of the ten areas tested.

4. CCIE Data Center

CCIE Data Center being the new certification offered by Cisco and promoting the high-end technologies like Nexus Switching, Cisco UCS etc. has achieved a lot of recognition last year.

Average Salary – USD 130,000

A tremendous growth has been noticed in careers of people who achieved CCIE DC Certification, recently boosting their salaries up to 40% in USA.

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5. MCSE SharePoint 

MCSE SharePoint if done with office 365 becomes one of the most demanded IT Certifications especially in UAE, Qatar, Oman and USA. MCSE SharePoint course is an industry benchmark for professionals who wish to gain expertise on how to sync, organize, share and collaborate information throughout the organization.

Average Salary – USD 110,000

6. CCIE Collaboration 

CCIE Collaboration is one of the hottest IT Certifications in VoIP (Voice over IP) and Video Conferencing world. CCIE Collaboration in 2014 replaced the most demanded CCIE Voice certification and came with upgraded version covering latest VoIP and Video technologies. You Learn how to design, implement and troubleshoot VoIP and Video enabled networks using Cisco IP Phones, Call Managers etc.

Average Salary – USD 110,000

7. MCSE Messaging 

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Messaging Certification becomes awesome if done in combination with Microsoft Office 365 exams. MCSE Messaging validates a professional’s ability to deploy cloud infrastructure in an organization to improve productivity, increase flexibility, enhance data security and reduce data loss for the organization. With an average annual salary of 100000 USD per annum, MCSE Messaging stands in the list of top IT certifications in demand in 2017.

Average Salary – USD 100,000


VCDX6-DCV stands for VMWare Certified Design Expert in Data Center Virtualization. There’s a great demand for VCDX6-DCV certified professionals in USA, UK, UAE and India. You need to have around 5 years of experience in Data Center environment and have in-depth knowledge of Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Computing along with VCA and VCP – DCV Certifications to pursue this certification.

Average Salary – USD 100,000

9. CCE-V 

Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization is next big IT Certification if you are looking forward to building your career in the upcoming world of Virtualization. It is the highest level of Certification offered by Citrix and is best suitable for candidates with 5 years of experience in Virtualization and Cloud Computing. CCE – Virtualization certification focuses on design, deployment, and management of XenDesktop 7 solutions.

Average Salary – USD 100,000

10. CISA

CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor is the one of the best paying certification for Auditors. Being CISA certified puts you on an international level to assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance and institute controls within a business. Systems Development Life, Data Integrity Review, and Acquisitions are just some of the topics you’ll cover during the certification.

Average Salary – USD 95,000

If you wish to be in a job which allows you to do shopping without any worries about the bill, then the above-listed IT certification courses will help you to get the one. These network certification courses have a great demand in the Industry and will help you to be the part of the highest paying slab.

If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

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Jan 17

What to expect in 2017 from Network Bulls – India’s Top Cisco CCIE Training Institute?

2016 marked big in the history of Network Bulls, we turned 7 and achieved multiple milestones such as we placed more than 3000 students, conducted more than 20 placement drives, became the Only Company to launch CCIE Security V5 in North India and a lot more. However, New Year @ 2017 has arrived with new targets and bigger challenges.

With the starting of a New Year, we have set new targets for providing world class Cisco training. Let’s have a look at What to Expect in 2017?

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1. Launch of Cisco Data Center Courses

In 2017, we will be adding a new course to our long list of networking courses and i.e. Cisco Data Center Certification.  We will be launching CCNA Data Center, CCNP Data Center and CCIE Data Center courses. The training will be provided on real Cisco devices under the guidance of CCIE Certified experts.  CCIE Data Center is amongst the top 10 highest paid IT certification courses.

2. On demand, Self-paced Online Learning

In 2017, we will be starting with world-class on-demand videos based interactive training. You can easily learn from our CCIE certified trainers sitting at your own place. We will be launching the option of availing this facility online, where students can buy access to these world-class training videos and study at their own pace. With this, students from outside Delhi/NCR and India will also be able to make their career fly easily.

Network Bulls Cisco Training

3. 40+ Placement Drives Targeted @2017

Candidates enroll at Network Bulls with the high expectation of starting their career with the top IT MNCs. We understand the aspiration of our students and therefore, we are targeting to conduct 40+ placement drives. So, our students can get more and more opportunities for starting their career with the Top IT MNCs.

4. All New Re-Invented CCIE Integrated Courses

In 2017, Network Bulls will reinvent its 100% job guaranteed CCIE integrated courses i.e. CCIE R&S, CCIE Security and MVTE in order to make them more effective and job oriented. Latest technologies which are in high demand in the IT industry currently will become the part of our reinvented integrated courses. Our aim is to make students employable as per the need of IT industry, thus we educate our students with the future technologies.

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2016 is just the end of a year, but not our enthusiasm and goal to deliver the best CCIE training in the networking industry. 2017 has started with more enthusiasm and zeal for delivering the best to our students for making their careers fly.

If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

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An year full of Milestones for Network Bulls – 2016

With every passing year, Network Bulls has achieved more and more success and 2016 marks big in the history of Network Bulls. 2016 was a year full of great achievements and we feel proud to share our achievements with you. We believe in improvising with each passing day and growing by making the career of our students.

We strive hard for delivering the quality training to the students and making their careers fly. Our aim is to make students expert in networking domain and employable as per the requirement of the IT industry rather than making them paper certified CCIE.

The list of Network Bull’s achievements in 2016 is long, let’s have a look –

Network Bulls 2016 Results

3000+ Students Happily Certified & Placed

More than 3000 students were happily placed with top IT MNCs and certified in 2016 and this was our one of the biggest achievements this year. Students from all over India trusted Network Bulls, Gurugram for their Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Training and enrolled with NB. We thank all our students for believing in us and studying hard for this success.

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20+ Placement Drives Conducted Successfully

More than 20 Big IT MNCs visited Network Bulls in Gurugram for the campus placements. CSS Corp, RailTel, Velocis, British Telecom, Spectranet, Innodata are just to name the few. Network Bulls has a dedicated placement team which strives hard for getting students placed even before the completion of their Cisco training. You might be surprised to know that 80% of students at NB got placed without appearing for the Cisco CCIE Course exam.

Average Packages Offered 4 to 7 lacs per annum

We at Network Bulls provide written 100% Job placement guarantee to students for CCIE Course which no other networking training institute provides. The average salary package offered to our Non-CCIE Certified students in job placements was around 4 Lacs per annum while our CCIE Certifed students were offered around 7 Lacs per annum in 2016.

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Over 90% CCIE 1st attempt Success Rate 

At NB, over 90% of our students cleared CCIE examination in their first attempt and enjoyed the status of being a CCIE champ. Another big milestone for us as NB delivered this success rate for the second consecutive year. We are happy and proud of our CCIE Certified students who made this passing year a huge success.

Students from 40+ Countries came to Network Bulls, India

Students from more than 40 countries such as – Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, UK, USA etc. visited Network Bulls, India for gaining in-depth knowledge of networking and hands-on practical skills. According to the stats, No. of International Students Trained in 2016 was just double of no. of international students trained in 2015.

Only Company to launch CCIE Security V5 in North India

Cisco introduced the new version of CCIE Security i.e. V5 and Network Bulls was the only Networking company in North India to provide CCIE Security V5 training on the real devices and live security racks. Network Bulls has world’s biggest Cisco training labs which are upgraded from time to time in accordance with the blueprints of Cisco.

As we move forward to 2017, whatever we have achieved in 2016 has been delightful and makes us more motivated for the year ahead. This new year, team NB is gearing up for more world class training services. So, Stay Tuned !

Happy New Year to Everyone !

Jan 17

Top 10 major differences between a Router and Switch?

Routers, switches and Hubs are different types of network devices, which looks quite similar but differ from each other in functionality as well as in usage. If you are a Cisco aspirant, then you must know the exact difference amid Routers and Switches, as well as the difference between Switches and hubs.

Routers, as well as Switches, are the networking devices which allow one or more than one computer to establish the connection with other networked devices, computers or even networks. However, there is a wide difference in their functions. Let’s have a look at the basic concept or functions of the two devices.

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What is a Router?

Router is a layer 3 device which works on network layer of OSI model which connects two different networks and it identifies network devices based on their IP addresses. The Routers are the devices used for connecting local network to the other local network/s. They are generally located at the gateway where two or more than two networks connect.

What is a switch?

Switch is a layer 2 device which works on data link layer of OSI model, it communicates by using frames and it identifies network devices on the bases of MAC addresses or physical addresses.

Points of Difference Routers Switches
Mode of transmission of data It Transmits data in the form of packets. It Transmits data in the form of frames.
Address used for the purpose of data transmission. It makes use of IP address for the purpose of data transmission. It makes use of MAC address for the purpose of data transmission.
Layer of OSI Model It makes use of layer 3 of OSI model. Layer 3 is the network layer. It makes use of layer 2 of OSI model. Layer 2 is the Data Link Layer.
Ports Routers contain 2 Ports by default like fast Ethernet Ports. However, we can add serial ports explicitly. Switches, on the contrary, are available with different Ports i.e – 8, 16, 24, 48 and 64.
Table It makes use of the Routing Table for routes to get to the destination IP. It makes use of CAM (Content addressable Memory) table for MAC address.
Broadcast domain Routers break the broadcast domain and it does not propagate broadcast domain. Switches allow the broadcast domain and contain per port collision domain.
Function Router in networking is used to connect two different Networks It is used to connect End devices such as computers, printers, scanners etc.
Used for It is used for both WAN/LAN networks. It is only used for the LAN networks.
Mode of Transmission By default, Router is in full duplex mode. However, we can change them manually into half-duplex. Switches are used in half as well as full duplex mode. However, we can also make them in auto-negotiation.
NAT (Network Address Translation) and PAT (Port Address Translation). In Routers, we can perform Network Address Translation as well as Port Address Translation In Switches, we can neither perform Network Address Translation nor Port Address Translation.

They are the top 10 major difference between Routers and switches if you are known to the others then feel free to share with us in the comment section.

You can easily understand the difference amid router and a switch, once you perform the practical on the R&S devices, as you will be able to see the difference amid the two networking devices. Remember, Practical understanding of the devices and their functioning is of immense important. As a Network specialist, you must be known to the functioning of the devices practically. Thus, we at Network Bulls – No.1 CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training institute in India aims at providing 100% practical training to students for making them ready as per the need of the industry.

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100% Job guarantee Courses – A boon for students

Network Bulls provides written 100% job guarantee to students under its integrated program. Job guarantee courses at NB are provided in intensive training model which includes Theoretical session, practical session and personality development sessions. Each session lasts around 2 to 3 hours. NB’s job guarantee program aims at making students employable as per the requirement of the industry. Network Bulls 100% Job Guarantee Courses –

  • CCIE R&S Integrated
  • CCIE Security Integrated
  • Multi-Vendor Technology expert

If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

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Dec 16

“If you are looking for 100% Job Placement in Delhi/NCR then Network Bulls’ CCIE Training is the best” – Nipun & Ankit

Starting a career with Top IT Company is the dream of every Cisco aspirant but only few are able to fulfill their dream. In Today’s technology driven era you need to have excellent technical skills and hands-on communication skills for giving a kick start to your career. Thus, Network Bulls – top Networking Company in India provides 100% Job guarantee courses in intensive training model with the aim of transforming students into complete professionals.

Network Bulls has placed thousands of students with Top IT companies and have helped them to fulfill their career dream. More than 30 Big IT MNCs visited Network Bulls in the month of September – October for hiring candidates for varied designation which included Network Engineer, Network Security Engineer and a lot more.

Our happily placed students were very pleased to share their experience at NB, Let’s hear from them.

Nipun Sharing Network Bulls CCIE Security Training and Job Placement Reviews

First in the list is Nipun Sharma, who enrolled at Network Bulls for CCIE Security Integrated Course. Nipun first visited us during the Industrial Visit which is often organized by Network Bulls for educating students about the scope of networking and its very basics. After knowing the scope of networking in India and having a look at our labs, and facilities Nipun decided to take networking as his career field. Post completion of his college, he enrolled in the course with Job guarantee at Network Bulls. Let’s hear his experience.

“Hello everyone, my name is Nipun Sharma and I came to know about NB during the industrial visit of my college in 2014. I was amazed to see the labs and other facilities at NB. Thus, decided to take networking as my career. Post completion of my college I joined NB and enrolled in CCIE Security Integrated course.

Along with Technical and Practical session, they also provide for personality development classes which helped in improving the communication skills and the personality of students. Before my training, I was very nervous but post completion of my training and personality development sessions at NB, I really became confident as I have good communications skills and in-depth knowledge of networking.

I got placed with CSS Corp. at quite a good package. At last, I would like to mention that join Network Bulls and Networking only if you are interested in the field of Networking. Thanks, Network Bulls and Team for shaping my career.” 

Ankit Talks about his Job Placement @ CSS Corp & CCIE Training in Delhi/NCR

Next in the list is Ankit who came to Network Bulls in Gurgaon from Uttarakhand. Ankit searched the web for the best networking institute in India and came to know about Network Bulls. In his search for the best networking institute, he found Network Bulls on top of the list. Thus, without even giving the second thought he enrolled at Network Bulls, Gurgaon. Let’s hear his experience at Network Bulls and his journey of getting placed with CSS Corp.

“Hello everyone, I am Ankit and I am from Uttarakhand. I searched the Google for the best networking institute in India and found Network Bulls on top of the list, so I enrolled with NB. During my training helped me a lot in gaining in-depth knowledge of Networking and practice the advanced concepts which I learned in the theoretical class.

 Even before the completion of my CCIE Routing and Switching training, I got placed with CSS Corp. Many of my friends have also studied in Network Bulls and have got placed with Top IT MNCs. Believe me friends, If you enroll with Network Bulls and study hard, then you will definitely get placed with Big IT MNC such as CSS Corp. Thanks, Network Bulls and team for helping me to grow in my career”

There is an endless list of placed students and you can be the next in the list as Network Bulls continues to maintain its placement streak. Enroll in Courses with Job guarantee at Network Bulls and give a kick start to your career.

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India’s Top 3 Job Guaranteed CCIE Courses

Network Bulls provides for written 100% job placement guarantee which is provided by no other institute in the Industry. In fact, as a result of continuous high placement streak, NB holds the awards for highest placement record in the Industry. Explore the world of Networking with Network Bulls and make your career fly.

100% job placement courses provided by NB are

If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

Dec 16

Top 7 difference between CCNA & CCNP Certifications and its benefits

Are you planning to build your career in the field of networking and quite confused about the Cisco certifications to take?  As you already know, there are three levels of Cisco certification exam and all the three have a great value in the IT industry.

CCIE Jobs are readily available after each and every level of Cisco certification course i.e. CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. No doubt there is a great difference between all the three levels and in this post, we will cover the key differences amid CCNA & CCNP certification and advantages of having CCNP certification over CCNA certification.

Differences CCNA VS CCNP Certifications

What is CCNA certification?

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and is the initial or entry level of Cisco CCIE certification. This certification builds up your base for the professional and expert level certification.  Post Completion of your CCNA training and certification, you will know how to manage, configure and install a medium sized network.

Network Bulls provides CCNA course training on the latest Cisco devices and live racks. Training at NB is provided by CCIE certified trainers, who help you to build a strong base. NB provides training in numerous different tracks such as Routing and Switching, Security, Voice etc.

What is CCNP certification?

As per its name, Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is the professional level of CCIE certification which introduces you to the advanced networking technologies. CCNP Certification exam includes numerous modules for example CCNP R&S is a three module examination; CCNP Security has four modules etc.

CCNP training at Network Bulls includes 2 – 3 hours of theoretical classes followed by the practical session @ World’s largest Cisco Training Labs at NB. Labs are accessible all round the clock so you can complete your practical training as per the availability of your time.

As you know, Cisco CCIE certification is available in different tracks and you have to take up CCNA and CCNP followed by CCIE exam for all the tracks. Hence, you must have a clear idea of both certifications.

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Know the Key Differences amid CCNA & CCNP Certifications –

Point of Difference

CCNA Certification CCNP Certification
Level of Certification It is an Entry or Initial level certification. It is the Professional level Cisco certification
Prerequisite There is no prerequisite for undertaking this examination For undertaking CCNP certification, qualifying CCNA certification is a prerequisite or you must have a CCIE certification in any track.
Examination Modules It is a Single module examination i.e. one needs to give only single exam for becoming CCNA certified This certification contains various modules mostly 3 or 4 which means you need to give 3-4 exams for becoming CCNP certified.

No. of modules depend upon certification track.

Level of Knowledge / Skill Set This Certification builds up your base of networking. It introduces you to the basic concepts of networking. This certification gives a detailed knowledge of advance networking technologies. It Exposes the candidates to advanced technologies in networking.
Expected Job roles Expected JOB Roles post completion of this certification are – Network Technician, Network Support Engineer, Helpdesk Engineer, Second and first Line Support, Service Desk Technician / Engineer. Expected JOB Roles post completion of this certification will include all the job roles as a CCNA professional as well as numerous other– Network Specialist, Systems Engineer, Network Analyst, Network Engineer, Third Line Support.
Cost of Certification Registration or examination cost of this Certification is $295. CCNA Course fee for every track is same. Registration or examination cost of this Certification is $250 for each module.
Expected Salary range Starting CCNA Salary is up to 1.5 lacs per annum.

Starting CCNP Salary is up to 2.5 lacs per annum.

Benefit of CCNP over CCNA certification

Candidates often ask, which is best CCNA or CCNP certification and if similar question tickles in your mind, then you must know that there is a great scope of CCNA as well as CCNP course certification.

CCNP being the professional level examination offers better opportunities to the candidates in comparison to CCNA course certification. Although jobs are available after the completion of CCNA examination or training, but your career growth increases manifolds after CCNP exam or training. Your designation, as well as salary, will be step up after CCNP certification. So, if you are CCNA certified professional then don’t restrict yourself there, step forwards to take up CCNP certification and training for exploring the opportunities.

Want to know the major difference amid CCNP and CCIE certifications???

Stay tuned, the blog on the same is coming soon!!!

Till then, feel free to ask your queries in the comment box. If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.

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Dec 16

Network Bulls – India’s Only Cisco Training Institute to provide 100% Job Placements after CCIE – As Vipin & Rajiv Say

“14000+ Students are happily placed & certified by Network Bulls till date since 2009”

Every student enrolling in the Cisco CCIE training program has high career aspirations. As Cisco CCIE certification is the most demanded and highest paid IT certification course. Candidates dream of getting placed with the top IT MNC just after the completion of their CCIE certification course. However, the reality comes as a bitter truth for many, but we at Network Bulls – India’s top Cisco training company strive hard and get our students placed with Big IT MNCs of the world.

Network Bulls – India’s No.1 CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training institute aims at providing quality training to the candidates and making them an expert in the field of networking. Training at Network Bulls is imparted on the real Cisco devices and live racks for the better understanding of the functioning of the networking concepts. Network Bulls have placed thousands of students with Big IT MNCs of the world under its 100% job placement guarantee CCIE programs.

Network Bulls Students’ CCIE Job Placement Reviews

Vipin, CCIE R&S Integrated Course | CSS Corp

Vipin belonged to the IT background and completed his bachelors as well as masters in the Information Technology. Just like other graduates and post graduates students he also started to look out for CCIE jobs in the Industry. Vipin had an inclination towards networking domain, so he started to look out for the best Networking Institute in India for grooming his networking skills.

Vipin took an intensive search for enrolling with the best networking institute and his search ended with Network Bulls. Post completion of his CCIE R&S training Vipin got placed with CSS Corp. Let’s hear from Vipin about his journey and his experience at NB.

Hello friends, I completed my graduation and post-graduation in the networking field. For grooming my networking skills I started to search for the best networking institute and my search ended with Network Bulls. I planned a visit to Network Bulls and after my visit, I was very satisfied after having a look at their Cisco training labs and facilities.

I enrolled with Network Bulls and my training started. During the 10 months of my training, I was taught my numerous trainers and all of them were very helpful, co-operative and CCIE certified. Post completion of my training I was very confident and found myself in quite a good situation as I had in-depth knowledge of networking and my communication skills were also improved.”

Rajiv, CCIE R&S Integrated Course | CSS Copr

Rajiv joined Network Bulls for CCIE Routing and Switching training. Like other Cisco aspirants, Rajiv also had very high career dreams and wanted to start his career with top IT MNC of the world. His career dreams came true when he got placed with CSS Corp even before the completion of his CCIE R&S training. Let’s hear from Rajiv how his dream became the reality of his life with Network Bulls –

“I enrolled at Network Bulls for CCIE Routing and Switching training and even before the completion of my training I got placed with CSS Corp. All the trainers at NB are CCIE certified as well as experienced. I would recommend Network Bulls to everyone who wants to pursue their career in the field of Networking.

I would love to thank my trainers at NB, namely Vivek Rana sir, Piyush Kataria sir and Ajay Pal Sir. They guided me through the whole training process and gave us real life examples for better understanding. The management team and the placement team at NB are very good. Special thanks to Network Bulls and team for shaping my career.”

Why Network Bulls’ CCIE Integrated Courses have 100% placement record?

Network Bulls job guarantee courses are provided in intensive training model for making students employable as per the need of the industry. 100% Job guarantee courses at NB aim at making student an expert in the field of the networking thus includes –

  • Technical Theory Sessions by CCIE Certified Trainers
  • Practical sessions under guidance of CCIE Certified Lab Instructors
  • Personality grooming sessions to make students ready for corporate world

Lack of communication skills is one of the basic hurdles in the growth of the students; therefore, Network Bulls provide personality development sessions for improving the communication skills, behavioral skills and a lot more.

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If you are interested in Cisco Courses offered by Network Bulls then Contact Us on 1800-3070-7628 or email at admin@networkbulls.com. Students from outside India can connect with us over +91-8745885377.