How and Why to Become a CCIE Expert ?

How and Why to Become a CCIE Expert ?
By Networkbulls
Sep 29, 2022

Cisco is one of the largest networking companies in India that is leading in terms of innovation and providing exciting opportunities for those engaging in computer networks. 

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) certification is among the most rewarding and top-paid certifications in the IT networking industry.

The CCIE certification comprises several domains such as Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Wireless, Data Center, Security, Collaboration, and Service provider. 

Types of CCIE Certification

There are different types of CCIE certification aimed at multiple types of network technicians. Each will put their internetworking skills to the test. One can take more than one certification - to become an expert in the field. The most popular ones are - Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Data Center, Collaboration, and Wireless. With Top MNCs largely hiring CCIE-certified professionals, one can land in a recognized company by getting certified in CCIE.   

Why should you become a CCIE expert?

There are several advantages to having CCIE certification, some of which are as below - 

  • CCIE is one of the top certification that can be earned by anyone regardless of their stream or discipline. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, software developer, or network engineer, any graduate irrespective of being from technical or non-technical background can pursue CCIE certification. 
  • CCIE certification has massive growth in the current market. It undoubtedly gives multiple opportunities in the IT networking industry. To date, the certification is achieved by not many professionals.  
  • With profound technical knowledge, CCIEs have earned a reputation for leading the networking industry - CCIE certified professionals have an edge over professionals in the IT networking industry. This is due to the technical training and global recognition of CCIE. 
  • Ensures high-level designations, good figure salary, and perks - Another benefit of CCIE is marketability, which means you will always have a job. It is always in demand as the individual progresses, one can expect a boost in their career.    
  • Plenty of job opportunities are awaiting in fortune 500 companies for CCIE certified experts. The salary package of CCIE freshers can range from 4.5 LPA- 7 LPA. 

If you are looking for a shining career in IT, you must start your preparation for the CCIE exam and accomplish your aspiration.  

How to become CCIE Certified?

There are several ways to start your journey to become CCIE certified such as online courses, training videos, offline programs, etc. before you start with CCIE exam preparation, you should know the prerequisites. 

How Network Bulls may help in your CCIE Certification Journey

NetworkBulls provide CCIE Certification training in Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, and Data Center and Collaboration.

We provide  100% job Guarantee training programs for freshers in which we place them after their training completion and even before appearing for the CCIE Network Engineer certification exam.

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