Is CCNP Certification Worth It?

Is CCNP Certification Worth It?
By Networkbulls
Nov 28, 2022
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The CCNP certification can be very helpful to you if you want to opt for a well-remunerative career in IT networking with a high prospect of growth. As a CCNP professional, you’ll have to find solutions to different organizational networking security-related issues.  

Your career graph can quickly move upward in the long run if you have a Cisco-certified CCNP certification. Most recruiters at MNCs and other organizations always prefer candidates who have studied CCNP.

You need CCNP certification to be a successful network engineer. Here is why CCNP certification is essential for candidates willing to make a career out of IT networking:

Excessive Demand for Network Professionals

Excessive Demand for Network Professionals- IT Networking Engineer  Data Center Management   Cloud Computing   Security Department   Video and Collaboration Technologies 

Every company, government department, and other organization hires IT networking professionals with a CCNP certification. This demand is likely to grow more in the coming days. 

According to recent statistics, a fresher network engineer’s average salary is around Rs. 40,000 per month, which is 21% more than the country’s national average salary. More and more companies are now investing in IT networking devices and systems to safeguard the company’s IT apparatus.    

Multiple Job Opportunities In IT Networking

If you have a CCNP certification, you can be appointed by an IT firm or MNC in the following designations:

  • IT Networking Engineer

  • Data Center Management 

  • Cloud Computing 

  • Security Department 

  • Video and Collaboration Technologies 

Diversified Areas of Specialization

When it comes to CCNP, you’ll get plenty of scope for specialization. You can specialize in any of the following streams of specialization:

Diversified Areas of Specialization- CCNP: Enterprise   CCNP: Data Center   CCNP: Service Provider   CCNP: Security   CCNP: Certified DevNet Professional   CCNP: Collaboration 

No Question of Getting Stuck in Your Career

We often get stuck in a particular rank or organizational position with no promotion for several years. But it won’t happen when you have a CCNP certification. Due to the short supply of CCNP professionals, recruiters are always looking for experienced hands. 

Higher Chances of Retention in a Particular Company

CCNP professionals enjoy a high retention rate in almost all companies, IT firms, and organizations. A firm knows that it is difficult to recruit experienced CCNP professionals, that’s they retain their networking professionals. You stand to benefit from this trend of retention with the company.

Salary-Hike Linked To Career Growth

It is ultimately the annual salary package that matters to a networking specialist. The usual practice of corporate companies in India is to give a good annual salary hike to induce CCNP professionals to stick to the company. Additionally, you also get a higher income if you are switching over to a new company.

Annual Salary Range: Rs. 6,35,000 to Rs. 19,60,000.

Eligibility & Career Options for CCNP Certification

To be eligible to obtain the CCNP certification, you should have at least one year of experience in networking. After obtaining the CCNP certification, you will be appointed in any of the following designations:

  • Network Engineer 

  • Network Technician 

  • Support Engineer 

  • System Engineer 

After obtaining a CCNP certification, you can also go for higher knowledge acquisition by getting yourself admitted to advanced certification courses offered by Cisco. 

Before doing the CCNP Security test, you must have already passed the CCNA examination. During the course of training in it, you run through different tests relating to video, voice, wireless, and advanced security issues. 

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In Conclusion

Under the current IT ecosystem of companies and organizations, the software and networking stand almost integrally linked to each other. If you have a CCNP certification, you can perform in a company under this IT system. 

All companies, small, medium-sized, and big including the MNCs, need experts in their IT departments to run the networking setup or system. This necessitates them to recruit CCNP certification holders. As a result, you can always find plenty of opportunities in the private and government sectors in India.

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