Why Network Bulls is the Best Institute for CCIE Training - Mzale of Tanzania & Peter of Nigeria Explain!

Why Network Bulls is the Best Institute for CCIE Training - Mzale of Tanzania & Peter of Nigeria Explain!
By Network Bulls
Nov 8, 2016
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Cisco certification is the highest paid and most renowned IT certification course all around the globe. Thousands of students from different parts of the world are taking Cisco CCIE certification for making their career fly. Students sitting in different parts of the world like USA, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom etc. undertake intensive search for finding world class training institute in order to shape their careers. Students these days do not even hesitate to travel to different countries for enrolling with best CCIE training institute. Here is the journey of the students who crossed their national boundaries for enrolling with best training institute in World @ Network Bulls.

Searching Network Bulls - Best Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training Company in India

Numerous students from Nigeria, Tanzania, UK, USA enroll with Network Bulls every year for growing in their career. Mustafa Mzale and Peter Denis searched the web, social media sites etc. for finding the best Cisco training Company and came to know about Network Bulls. They checked the video testimonials of Network Bulls' students and also contacted ex-students of Network Bulls from Nigeria and other African countries to hear the reviews of students to be sure about the training, infrastructure and other facilities of the training institute.

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They were amazed to hear a heartwarming Network Bulls reviews and inspiring success stories of students. Let’s hear the experience of Peter Denis and Mustafa Mzale at Network Bulls.

Mustafa Mzale from Tanzania, Africa | MCSE 12 Server infrastructure

Mustafa Mzale came from Tanzania and enrolled with Network Bulls for completing his MCSE 12 Server infrastructure. Mustafa searched the web for the best IT training institute and enrolled with Network Bulls. Let’s hear Mustafa’s experience at Network Bulls –

“Hello, my name is Mustafa Mzale and I am from United Republic of Tanzania. I came here in India to enroll with Network Bulls and study CCNA, CCNP and MCSE certification. NB is the best networking training institute in India and there is a way to flaps for students of CCNA, CCNP and especially for CCIE students.

Nowadays, most of the training companies provide only with the theoretical classes, but here we have a special time for the theoretical and practical session. The management is also excellent; they provided me with good support even before I came to India. They provide numerous facilities such as Visa assistance, pick up drop facility from the airport. “

Peter Denis from Nigeria, Africa | CCIE R&S Integrated

Peter Denis also came from Nigeria and enrolled in CCIE R&S Integrated course at Network Bulls. Lets know his reviews about Network Bulls training –

Hello, Friends my name is Peter Denis. I was enrolled in Network Bulls and I pursued my course right from CCNA, CCNP and CCIE altogether. Trainers at Network Bulls are CCIE certified and well experienced.  We are here as their international students and my main officer Mr. Andy along with, my senior main officer Jenny both are very co-operative. We are not regretting being in Network Bulls, where careers fly.”

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Also Read - Why Network Bulls is the Best Institute for CCIE Training – Mzale of Tanzania & Peter of Nigeria Explain!

Peter further adds on and appreciates the facilities at Network Bulls. “The accommodation and cafeteria at Network Bulls is also very good. You get access to live racks and real Cisco devices in the lab 24*7. Everything is just arranged in order, thus you can easily keep your focus on studies and achieve your goals”

NB Facilities - Hotel, Meals, Visa, All Support @ Network Bulls

Network Bulls provide thousands of facilities to students coming from different parts of the world for their happy learning experience. At NB we take proper care of their needs and ensure they are properly taken care. In fact, we have a dedicated team which looks after the needs of the international students and help them to gain the utilities and facilities they require. Network Bulls also provide for Visa assistance and pick up and drop facility for the comfort of students.

Contact us for more details on courses, training batches, CCIE jobs & more. international students can call us on +91-8745885377 or email at admin@networkbulls.com.

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