Top 10 Networking Tools and Softwares for Network Engineers

Top 10 Networking Tools and Softwares for Network Engineers
By Network Bulls
Dec 17, 2018
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Every network administrator requires networking tools to troubleshoot issues pertaining to various network conditions and to fix different situations varied tools are required as not every tool can be a solution to all problems.
The use of the tool can differ as per the choice of the network engineer and can be subjective to a limited purpose. This article below will guide you with the best tools and software that are commonly used and can easily solve maximum networking issues.
List of Popular Software, Managing Tools and Monitoring Tools for a Network Administrator:
The tools mentioned below are categorized on the basis of their use and scope. 


These softwares are the best tools to design, diagnose and solve any network related issues. Some of the reliable softwares that are used are detailed as follows:

1. EVE-ng -Advanced:

Emulated Virtual Environment - Next Generation is a tool that can be used around virtual devices to interconnect them with other virtual or physical devices. The tool can be used for multiple purposes that include the study of technologies, testing of new technologies, recreating corporate networks and test them before implementation etc. This tool is highly useful for everyone in the IT sectors, be it for companies, training providers, designers, service providers, consultants and so on.

Download EVE-NG

2. GNS 3:

Graphical Network Simulator is a network software that allows you to combine the virtual and real devices to simulate the complex networks. This tool is used by many big companies including NASA, Walmart and so on. The tool also finds its application in the preparation of Network and Software Professional preparation examination. The tool is highly useful for students to exhibit the learning process.

Download GNS3

3. Cisco Packet Tracer for testing:

It is a visual simulation tool that can be used on multiple platforms. With the help of this software, the user can imitate modern networks and also create topologies. The user can easily add or remove simulated networks as per the requirement with the easy drag and drop user interface. It can run on Windows and Linux along with the available applications for iOS and Android operating system.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 

Client Tools for Managing Devices:

These tools are used by IT administrators to keep a track of their users and also to locate the devices in case they are lost. With the increasing use of smart devices, management is easy with these tools. 

4. SecureCRT:

It is a commercial tool for SSH, Telnet Client, and Terminal Emulator. It can be effectively used on Windows Series and now available for Linux and Mac operating system too. It offers GUI with tab support and an extensive protocol support too. It offers various user desired support like Smart card and GSSAPI support, public key assistance and tunneling of numerous protocols. You can also make easy file transfers. Further, these tools also have advanced emulation terminal capabilities.

Download SecureCRT

5. Bitvise:

Bitvise is a secure remote access software for Windows. It helps you to encrypt the data during transfer, unlike other tools. It is an ideal tool for remote administration. You can easily have an access to your home machine from the workplace or vice versa. It also performs other tasks like IP tunneling and securing advanced applications.

Download Bitvise

6. Putty:

Putty is an open source software that is available with source code. It can be used for designing or amendments without having to write a new code by making use of another programming language. It is an effective SSH and telnet client designed and developed for windows. It allows you with the easy and speedy work environment.

Download Putty

7. WinSCP:

The main purpose of this tool is to make a secure file transfer between the remote computer and local servers. The software is an open source software for windows with SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3, and SCP clients. Above having all the amazing features, this software is available free of cost.

Download WinSCP

Monitoring Tools:

Monitoring tools are used for proper web server management. With the help of these tools, you can make a comprehensive analysis by making performance reports, graphs etc.

8. WhatsUp Gold:

With this tool, you can completely look into the status, performance, and functioning of network devices or servers in a cloud. This tool monitor and describes everything with the help of a map from edge to the cloud. You can make an in-depth analysis of devices, wireless controllers, virtual machines, traffic flows and numerous applications.

Download WhatsUp Gold

9. SolarWinds:

SolarWinds enables network security and analysis in real time. It finds its use in cybersecurity, government infrastructures, private security services, and telecom industry. The tool helps to keep the data secure and safe to transfer within the infrastructure. It allows you to monitor the conditions precisely and find an efficient solution.

Download SolarWinds

10. PRTG:

This tool is highly reliable and easy to use. It helps the network administrator to identify the root causes of the prevailing network issues and provide immediate solutions. The overall performance of the network can be improved by making use of this tool. It is an effective tool that can monitor your entire IT infrastructure within minutes. You can even try the free version of this tool by installing it on your device. It is an agentless monitoring system to analyze and classify the system conditions within the bandwidth, statistics or uptime. It can be employed to routers, servers, switches, and many other applications.

Download PDF Top 10 Networking Tools and Softwares for Network Engineers

Download PRTG
Every professional requires a tool to accomplish a specific job. Networking tools and softwares are the basic necessities of an IT administrator. All the above-listed tools are shortlisted on the basis of their use, application, flexibility and extraordinary features. The list is created keeping in mind the time indicators, robust alerting system, secure and efficient functioning, Mapping functionality, framing topology, SNMP integration, Automotive response and much more.
Using the above applications you can manage all the business and company related structure with ease without consuming much time. The designing, development, monitoring, analysis and bug fixing can be done with complete efficiency as per the customized conditions.
Heading with the industry experiences, Network Bulls trainers are experts in these tools and softwares and their intensive training include training on each of them.

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