Network Bulls has transformed my career” - Rohit review after CCIE Security V5 Training

Network Bulls has transformed my career” - Rohit review after CCIE Security V5 Training
By Network Bulls
Dec 4, 2018
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Heading from Hyderabad, Mr. Rohit did his graduation in Bachelors of Technology. He calls himself ‘the passionate one’; does everything with great passion and he recently got interested into Cisco Networking. For someone who gives in 100% in everything, Rohit did a lot of research before choosing Network Bulls for his Cisco Training Institute.

He enrolled for the CCIE security training program and was trained under experts at NB. Post completion of his training, Rohit got placed at CSS Corp on the profile of a Network Engineer at a handsome package.

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We had a very pleasant discussion with him on his training and journey at Network Bulls. Here is a glimpse. 

1. Why Network Bulls?

“There are plenty of reasons to choose Network Bulls over any other institute but the most important ones were its labs, placement records, and its technical teams.

Network Bulls labs: They have Asia’s biggest Cisco Networking Labs and when will you enter those labs you will feel like you’ve entered in the world of Cisco networking. With upgraded devices available in abundance, 24*7 accessibility and a technical team available all time for you is just a cherry on the top.

Placement Record: Network Bulls placement records is ten times higher than any other Cisco Networking Institute in India. Giving it a credibility and confidence to students like me.

Technical Team: They have the world’s best technical team. When you will study from them, you will see how easy cisco networking could be and their support gives you the boost to study harder.”

2. How did you get to know about Network Bulls?

“I was searching for the best Cisco Networking Training Institute in India when I found out about Network Bulls. I talked to many of its past students and many trainers as well. On their recommendation, I planned to visit NB.

Also, the placement rate and certification success rate gave me high aspirations and I was looking forward to being one of those names.” 

3. What was your first impression about Network Bulls on your arrival?

“When I arrived at Network Bulls, I met with its consulting team. They were very nice and they explained to me about Cisco Networking, its pros and cons and how it will add credibility to my resume. There are many things about networking and its domains that you won’t know of. The consulting team shared with me that and later gave me the tour to the labs.”

“On visiting the labs, I was awestruck. As they said, they truly have the biggest labs I had ever seen before. There were cisco racks going on and on and students were practicing on those. I made my decision then and there and enrolled myself for CCIE Security.” 

4. What are your reviews on Network Bulls Trainer team?

“I interacted with the faculties on my day of enrollment itself. They gave me confidence and told me that Cisco Networking is not as hard as people say. With consistent hard work and proper support, it can be quite easy. And the same happened!

I was trained by Mr. Rajat Goyal on Routing and Switching. Mr. Rajat is the man with the plan, he always had a plan and he used to stick with those plans. Mr. Praveen Kataria was our Security Training and he made Security enjoyable. He was always patient with us and used to go out of his ways to solve the queries. He is simply the best Security Trainer I’ve ever met.” 

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5. How has been your experience at Network Bulls?

“My Training experience was incredible. We started my Routing and Switching and then moved onto Security. The intensive training methodology gave a push to our training and helped us a lot in learning. We worked very hard and meticulously in labs. Had we got stuck somewhere, there was always someone to help us through. Overall the entire journey was full of ups and downs but never were we alone on the way. We always got help from the trainers.” 

6. How did you get placed at CSS Corp?

“I got placed at CSS Corp just after the completion of my training. The credit of my placement at CSS CORP goes to Mr. Siddharth Paul Sir and the entire placement team. I was very nervous and under confident to go for the interview but Siddharth Sir gave me the confidence to appear for the interview. He was there on every step of the way and I eventually got selected.” 

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7. What is your say on Network Bulls Labs?

“It were the labs that made me enroll into Network Bulls training and it were the labs that helped me in my entire journey and got me placed at CSS Corp. My trainer always said, ‘The more your practice, the more it will get easy for you.’ And it really did.

The entire lab had upgraded devices only and the router, switches, firewalls and all the devices in the labs were available in plenty. No students had to wait for his or her chance and there was a team of trainers always present to help us. Being available to us for 24*7 I spent most of my time there only. Practicing day and night, it gave the sweetest fruits of my hard work.” 

8. Any message for the networking aspirants?

“Yes. If you have an interest in Cisco networking then go for it and do it from Network Bulls. These people will make everything easy and will help you in all the way possible. They are experienced and know the tricks of the trade very well.”

It was great hearing so much about Network Bulls and its training from the students. We aim to help them along the way but it is them who has to cross the road. With great efficiency and hard work, Mr. Rohit achieved his milestones. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors. 

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