Can CCIE be your passport for International IT Jobs? Meet NBians working abroad!

Can CCIE be your passport for International IT Jobs? Meet NBians working abroad!
By Network Bulls
Oct 6, 2018
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CCIE being the Most Respected and highly demanded IT Certification worldwide, can also be your passport to International IT Jobs specially in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Qatar. CCIE Engineers are most demanded and Highest paid IT Professionals worldwide.

“There are only around 55,000 CCIE’s worldwide, whereas IT industry demands over 500,000 CCIE’s right now.”

Due to increasing demand of CCIE Engineers worldwide, many of our students every year shifts abroad after taking 2-3 years of experience in India.

Let’s meet some of our students who shifted abroad after taking CCIE Training in India from Network Bulls.

Ashutosh | CCIE Security | Canada

Ashutosh is the first in our list who achieved his dream of working abroad with a top IT company. He enrolled at Network Bulls, for Cisco CCIE Security training and today he is working in Canada with one of his dream companies.

In his words – “I was taught from the very basic from experienced CCIE Security trainers at NB. Team at NB always motivated me, supported me and treated me just like a family member. It is their support and motivation that I am living my dreams. Cheers NB!”

Shadab | CCIE Security | UAE

Shadab is enrolled for CCIE Security training and today is working in Abu Dhabi with one of the best networking company. He was always a bright student and its because of his dedication and continuous efforts that he has achieved what others just dream to achieve. Let’s see, what Shadab has got to say for us – “Network Bulls is one of the best training institutes for networking as they provide training in accordance with Cisco’s latest guidelines. At NB, I not only learned networking but also to enjoy the work which you are doing. Thanks a ton to NB for helping me to walk through the road of my dreams!”

Rupender | CCIE Voice | Canada

Next in our list is Rupender who pursued CCIE Voice training with us and today he is placed in a reputed networking company in Canada. You might be amazed to know that he is CCIE Voice certified professional #41215.

And lets’ hear from Rupender – “Before passing Cisco CCIE Voice certification, I always believed that clearing it just next to impossible. But, to my surprise, I passed the voice exam in the first attempt only. My trainers at NB taught me really well and were always available to clear the doubts. Thanks to NB for making my career fly…”

Rishi | CCIE R&S | South Africa

Rishi enrolled with us for CCIE R&S training with a dream of building a bright career in the networking industry. And we were happy to know that today; he is working in Johannesburg, South Africa as a Sr. Network Engineer.

Let’s know what Rishi has to say about us – “Network Bulls’ team has always pushed me to work hard and hard for achieving my goals. At NB, learning is in the air and I was highly motivated to learn and that helped me to learn the real-time implementation of the technology.”

Pravin | CCIE Security | Qatar

Next in the list is Pravin who joined Network Bulls with quite high aspirations of working abroad as a network engineer and we were really delighted to know that he is working in Qatar as a Sr. Network Security Engineer.

Let’s catch few lines from Pravin – “I enrolled at NB for CCIE Security course training, and I was given all sort of support by the team at NB. They helped me to enhance my technical skills as well as communication skills and as a result, I am living my dream of working abroad.”

Jasir | CCIE Security | UAE

Jasir is next in our list of students working abroad and he enrolled at Network Bulls for CCIE Security Training. His goal was to gain in-depth knowledge of networking so that he can build a shining career as a network engineer.

Let’s know the further story from him – “At NB, students are treated like a family member and trainers are always ready to extend their boundaries to help students. They have upgraded Cisco devices for practical training which helps student in getting placed. Today, I am placed in Seven Seas Computer in Dubai as a Network Solution Architect. Thanks NB!”

Joy | CCIE Security | Australia

Joy enrolled at Network Bulls for Cisco CCIE Security Course training and after completing his training, he got placed in Australia. Let’s hear from Joy – “At NB, I had all the facilities to learn and grow such as access to their labs 24*7, support and assistance of expert trainers and so on. Network Bulls helped to enhance my confidence and step ahead in my career.”

Harjot | CCIE R&S | Canada

And next in our list is Harjot who is currently working in Canada in one of the best company in the world. Let’s hear it from Harjot – “I really feel lucky to have enrolled at Network Bulls for Cisco CCIE R&S training. Post completion of my training, I got placed in a networking company and with the passage of the time, I gained experienced and made my way to Canada. Training provided my NB really helped me a lot to achieve success in my career.”

Vinod | CCIE R&S | America

Vinod enrolled at Network Bulls for Cisco Routing and Switching training and today he is working in America with quite a handsome salary package. Let’s know from Vinod – “Today, I really feel proud of my decision to join Network Bulls. It is really a great place and it has helped numerous students to give wings to their career. I really got a great technical training at Network Bulls, trainers are really friendly and facilities like 24*7 lab access are really helpful. Thanks to NB for making my career fly.”

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Thomas | CCIE Security | Saudia Arabia

Next is Thomas who is currently working in one of the best companies in South Arabia. He came to Network Bulls for CCIE Security course training. Let’s know his experience – “I really had a heartwarming experience at NB! Trainers are ready to walk an extra mile to help students, management team and placement team works really hard to help students achieve their goals. It is a result of their effort and my dedication that today, I am living my dream of working abroad.”

So, these were some of our students who had made their dream of working abroad the reality of their life. We wish our each and every student a great success in life and will leave no stone unturned to help them achieve success in their career.

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