Intensive Training Model- A game changer for NB Students

Intensive Training Model- A game changer for NB Students
By Mohit Bhalla
Mar 3, 2015
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Intensive training model introduced by Network Bulls has seen major results in terms of affecting our students’ outlook towards their career and daily learning habits. This 8 hours long, rigorous and intensive training module introduced allows candidates to not only acquire knowledge in varied disciplines of Networking but also make them well equipped with the technicalities of the course subject chosen. Apart from various number and type of classes offered to applicants at Network Bulls, spoken English and personality development sessions have influenced our students to such an extent that our student have started reciprocating each and every action of theirs in English to a great extent.

Now let's watch what are students have to say after taking this intensive mode of training for 30 days:

Spoken English classes in the intensive training module are intended towards improving communication skills of our students, basics of English grammar to be precise. These classes were introduced to target speech fluency, accent neutralization and confidence of our students allowing them to brilliantly form sentence and use varied forms of the language itself correctly. Not only has the intensive training program of Network Bulls made our students technically sound but has also carved them into worthy individuals capable of fluently conversing with international projects/customers of the employed organizations.

Apart from the spoken English sessions, personality development sessions are also conducted for visual behavior correction of students at our institute. Motive behind introduction of these personality development classes was to rectify various postural and gestural mistakes made by students while appearing for interviews. These classes have particularly been focused towards overall personality development of students taking various aspects like kinesics, proxemics and paralanguage into deeper considerations.

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These classes along with other number of classes have been introduced for not only making our students technically strong but also making them company presentable at the same time. We make sure that our students attend the theoretical/practical classes without skipping all the other type of classes introduced for their benefit. Practical awareness standalone cannot make a candidate acquire a well-paying job where as apt practical knowledge along with good communication skills can do wonders for them. So, join Network Bulls and opt for any of the programs available and notice the change our intensive training program makes to your overall personality (technical knowledge and presentation skills).

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