Everything you need to know about CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam

Everything you need to know about CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam
By Network Bulls
Dec 28, 2015
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CCIE Data Center ?Written and Lab Exam Content Updates

Cisco has announced the changes in CCIE Data Center Written and Lab exams. The CCIE Data Center exam Version has been changed from version 1.0 to version 2.0. Cisco’s aim is to certify candidate’s knowledge and capabilities based on the latest skills and technologies required of expert-level data center professionals. CCIE Data Center v2.0 exam blueprint contains six domains.

Domain Level comparison between CCIE Data Center v1.0 and CCIE Data Center v2.0

CCIE Data Center Lab exam syllabus     The changes focus on evolving Data Center environment and the evolving CCIE Data Center job role. Compared to CCIE Data Center v1.0, CCIE Data Center v2.0 domains are designed to focus more on skills and technologies than on the hardware. All the v2.0 domains include skills focused on Data Center design, implement and troubleshoot. Evolving technologies like Cloud and ACI have been added in the v2.0 blueprint. Storage and Compute has been refreshed and combined into a consolidated domain in v2.0 as Data Center Storage Networking and Compute.

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CCIE Data Center v2.0 Changes

Topics added to the CCIE Data Center v2.0 Exam:

  • Implement and Troubleshoot Data Center Automation
  • Implement and Troubleshoot Data Center Orchestration Tools
  • Integrate Cisco Cloud Offerings into existing Data Center Infrastructure
  • Design, Implement and Troubleshoot policy and non-policy driven Internal Fabric Connectivity
  • Design, Implement and Troubleshoot Infrastructure policies and elements
  • Design, Implement and Troubleshoot External Fabric Connectivity
  • Evolving Technologies
  • Topics which are no longer included in CCIE Data Center v2.0
  • Implement Data Center application high availability and load balancing
  • Implement FCIP features


The hardware and software list have been updated for version 2.0

CCIE Data Center V1 Lab Exam List of Devices & Softwares

CCIE data Center V1 list of devices and softwares required  

CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam List of required Hardware (Devices) and Softwares/Licenses

CCIE Data Center Version 2 lab exam devices CCIE Data Center v2.0 Exam Format

The web-based delivery infrastructure in the new Lab exam is similar to version 1.0. However, the format of the Lab exam has changed compared to version 1.0. The Lab exam format has been updated similar to other CCIE tracks to include a Diagnostic module.

As a result, the CCIE Data Center v2.0 lab format is designed follows:

  • Part 1: Diagnostic module
  • Part 2: Configuration & Troubleshooting

CCIE DC lab exam pattern   CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam Diagnostic Module

The new Diagnostic module has a length of 60 minutes and it focuses on the skills required to properly diagnose network issues, without having device access. Candidates need to make choices between pre-defined options to indicate:

  • What is the root cause of an issue
  • Where is the issue located in the diagram
  • What is the critical piece of information allows us the identify the root cause
  • What piece of information is missing to be able to identify the root cause

No device access is provided for the Diagnostic module. Candidates are provided various pieces of information (example emails, debug outputs, example network diagram information that is provided to a Data Center support engineer for assisting a customer in order to find the root cause of an issue

Within the Diagnostic module, the items are presented in a similar format as within the Written exam. The module includes multiple-choice, drag-and-drop items. The major differences between the Written exam and the Diagnostic module is that the items in the Diagnostic module (troubleshoot tickets) contain a set of documents that the candidate must consult in order to be able to understand and identify the root cause of the issue presented.

The troubleshoot tickets will not require candidates to type in order to provide the answer. The new module allows Cisco to give credit to candidates who can accurately identify the root cause of a networking issue, but fail to resolve it within specific constraints

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CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam Configuration and Troubleshooting module

The Configuration and Troubleshooting module consists of one topology, similar to CCIE Data Center v1.0. The length of the Configuration and Troubleshooting module is seven hours. ?The Diagnostic and Configuration and Troubleshooting modules in the Lab exam are delivered in a fixed sequence: the candidate starts the day with the 1 hour Diagnostic module, which is followed by the 7 hours Configuration and Troubleshooting The entire Lab exam lasts up to eight hours. Candidates are not allowed to go back and forth between modules.

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CCIE Data Center V2 Lab Exam Passing Criteria

In order to pass the CCIE Data Center V2 Lab exam, the candidate must meet both of the following conditions:

  • The minimum cut-score of the each individual module must be achieved.
  • The total score of both modules together must be above the minimum value of the combined cut-score.

CCIE Data Center l;ab exam changes   If you have any questions related to new CCIE Data Center V2 Lab exam changes or about How should you prepare for CCIE DC V2 lab exam or anything related to the topic, please post a comment below and i will answer your doubts one by one. Thanks for reading! :)

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