How are NB’s CCIE R&S & CCIE Security Job Guarantee Courses different?

How are NB’s CCIE R&S & CCIE Security Job Guarantee Courses different?
By Network Bulls
Sep 14, 2018
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While many institutes are providing Job Guaranteed Training Program in CCIE R&S and CCIE Security, how Network Bulls training programs are different and more effective? Network Bulls Job Guaranteed Training Programs are introduced to bridge the gap between colleges and corporates by imparting required knowledge and skillset to its students. These programs train students as per industry requirements by making them proficient in the given domain and acquire expertise in the practical workings of the technology.

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Let’s know more on CCIE R&S and CCIE Security Job Guaranteed Training Program 

CCIE Routing & Switching Integrated Job Guaranteed Training Program

CCIE Routing & Switching is the highest level of accreditation in R&S domain by Cisco. Being on the top level, this certification isn’t easy to clear and have a prominent significance in the networking industry.

 Network Bulls CCIE Routing & Switching Integrated Job Guaranteed Training Program does not only focus on the R&S technologies rather it is a perfect amalgamation of Cisco Routing & Switching, Service Provider and Data Center technologies as it covers Advanced BGP, Advanced MPLS as well; BGP and MPLS being the central technologies of Service Provider domain and highly in demand in the industry. Also, Nexus, an important fragment of Data Center technologies which is also highly in demand is also covered in this Job Guaranteed Training Program.

 This job guaranteed training program includes  CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, CCIE R&S V5 (Written + Lab), Advanced BGP, Advanced MPLS, Nexus with personality development sessions, resume making guidance, group discussions, mock interviews, technical rounds and more.

 Also, this job guaranteed training program covers the basis of Cisco R&S instituting a strong networking foundation and moving onto the intermediate level and expert level at last. Post this program, the candidate acquires knowledge and skillset of a CCIE R&S Expert and can apply for the CCIE R&S Certification or gets placed in any reputable networking/ IT Company with the help of NB’s placement team.

 CCIE Security Integrated Job Guaranteed Training Program

Cisco introduced CCIE Security Certification to bring all the security experts on one table and categorizing their expertise with it. Also, offering updated and Next Gen Security Technologies. CCIE Security being the most prestigious certification in the network security industry offers brilliant job opportunities and exponential growth to its applicants.

 Network Bulls CCIE Security Integrated Job Guaranteed Training Program is not only limited to the Cisco CCIE Security training as this training program also includes Multi-Vendor Firewalls in its syllabus. The aim is that post completion of this training program, students become experts in Networking Designing, Network Implementation and Network Security Solutions using Multi-Vendor firewalls.

This job guaranteed training program includes CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CCIE Security Version 5, Juniper SRX firewall, Checkpoint Firewall, Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls, etc. with personality development sessions, resume making guidance, group discussions, mock interviews, technical rounds and more.

What more does these Network Bulls job guaranteed training programs provide?

Apart from these differences, we also cover Network Monitoring and Ticketing Tools in both R&S and Security Job Guaranteed Training Programs, which helps us to bridge the gap of a fresher and corporates by making them job-ready with the proficiency of an experienced Networking professional.

Aside from their respective technical training, there is a lot to each training program at Network Bulls.

Network Bulls follows its proficient intensive training model. This model includes an 8 hours session each day for its students wherein two hours are of the theatrical session (Learning Networking Concepts comprehensively), minimum three hours of practical sessions (100% Practical Training of each concept) and two hours for personality development sessions (we work on each aspect of your personality). 

  1. Learn networking concepts comprehensively by Cisco Certified Trainers by their lucrative training.

  2. 100% practical training of each concept by working in the World’s Biggest Cisco Networking Training Labs.

  3. Dedicated Lab Experts team always available in 24*7 accessible well-equipped labs for the students.

  4. A technical assignment is given to each student including the theatrical topics taught in the classes. These assignments are reviewed and real-time feedback is given to each student.

  5. Each theatrical session is followed by its practical session with the review and rating process.

  6. Grooming sessions including spoken English classes, personality development classes, group discussions, presentation skills, mock interview sessions and more. 

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At the end of each training program, the candidates have

  1. Sound knowledge of respective Cisco technology

  2. 100% practical experience

  3. Networking expertise with excellent communication skills

  4. Expertise for corporate companies like Aricent, Genpact, Airtel, etc.

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Some Recent Placements of these Job Guarantee Courses:

This Placement Picture is just a glimpse. Check our 100% Authentic Placement record Here.

These training programs are purposely designed by the experts to train our students such that they have the expertise in the given technology by the end of the training and make them employable at the same time. Many have been placed already and many more success stories are yet to come.

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