New CCIE Tracks and Versions | CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure | CCIE Security V6.0 and more

New CCIE Tracks and Versions | CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure | CCIE Security V6.0 and more
By Networkbulls
Jun 10, 2019

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure | CCIE Security V6.0 New Syllabus, Changes, Exams and Recertification

We are very excited to inform you that Cisco has just launched New Versions in all CCIE Tracks except CCDE. New versions were much needed looking at rapidly changing technological trends and amazingly stunning next gen technologies that have already been introduced on this God’s green earth by Leading Tech Giants like Cisco.

New Versions are getting effective from 24th February 2020.

With technologies like IoT and SDN changing the way Data Centers were imagined, built, operated and managed, these changes were most awaited by Cisco Gold Partners and Training companies like Network Bulls.

This is the first time in history of CCIE Certifications, that all CCIE Tracks have been replaced with New Versions and New Exams. What has never been done before, has been done now! It shows how serious Cisco is to keep its Certifications and Versions updated. It also shows how rapidly this technological world is changing!

Here’s the List of Certifications changed by Cisco today!!

  • CCIE Routing Switching ===> CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0
  • CCIE Security V5.0 ===> CCIE Security V6.0
  • CCIE DC (Data Center) V2.1 ===> CCIE Data Center V3.0
  • CCIE SP (Service Provider) 4.0 ===> CCIE Service Provider 5.0
  • CCIE Collaboration 2.0 ===> CCIE Collaboration 3.0
  • CCIE Wireless ===> CCIE Enterprise Wireless

Here are the 8 Things that all New and Old students of Network Bulls must know about these changes:

  1. All students who are currently studying at Network Bulls in CCIE R&S or CCIE Security, will be shifted to new syllabus. It will just increase around 20-30 days of your preparation time. But you will be ready with some amazing next gen technologies.

  2. All old students are most welcomed to join our upcoming CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and CCIE Security V6.0 Bootcamps and Trainings without paying any extra fees.

  3. If you are preparing for CCIE R&S Certification and were planning to appear for the exam before 24 Feb 2020, you can still give the exam and become CCIE R&S Certified. According to new guidelines of Cisco, you will automatically become CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified on 24 Feb 2020. Not just that you will also get Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core certification. Interesting! isn’t it?

  4. If you have done CCIE Routing & Switching certification already, your value is not going to decrease as Old CCIE’s are like Old Wines in this industry. But you can still attend our 1 month CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure refresher bootcamp program free of cost. No Worries, you are and will always be part of NB Family.

  5. If you are preparing for your CCIE Security V5.0 exam and want to appear before 24 Feb 2020, you can still give the exam, there’s no change for you. If you pass your CCIE Security V5.0 exam before the said date, you will receive one extra certification from Cisco, i.e. Cisco Certified Specialist - Security core certification.

  6. If you have already done CCIE Security V4 or V5 Training and/or Certification from Network Bulls, you are most welcome to join our upcoming CCIE Security V6.0 Certification Trainings without paying any extra fees.

  7. After adding Network Programming and Automation to new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Security V6.0 tracks, Cisco has just doubled the Scope of CCIE Certification especially in form of job opportunities in countries like USA, UK, Australia and UAE.

  8. Cisco has just added 10% additional content to the original Certification Syllabus and just doubled the value. Get excited for new journey!

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 Certification

If there is ONE Change that was most awaited from last 2 years, that is, Newly launched CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure 1.0 Certification which has replaced the Cisco’s most famous and most demanded CCIE Certification, i.e. CCIE Routing & Switching.

What’s new in Syllabus of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

  1. Automation

  2. Programmability

Rings a bell?

We told you earlier in many blogs that Automation and Network Programming is the future!

The way SDN is changing things, this is the most predictable and most welcomed change in the legendary CCIE Routing & Switching Certification and in the Cisco Networking Industry.

Now when Cisco has changed the name of the Certification from Routing & Switching to Enterprise Infrastructure, it clearly shows us the future. This is the first step not the last, Cisco is going to change the way Networks are Imagined, Designed, Built and Managed in future, and these changes are looking very pleasing in terms of Data Center resource utilization, jobs and scope of the Certification holders.

Having knowledge of Network Programming and Automation is going to generate tremendous Job opportunities not just in India, but especially in countries like USA, UK and Australia.

How to get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification:

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exams:

If you want to pass your CCIE R&S lab exam before 24th Feb 2020, you are free to appear for your CCIE R&S Written exam, if not done already. After having CCIE R&S Written in your kitty, you can appear for CCIE Routing & Switching Lab exam before 24th Feb 2020.

If you pass your CCIE Routing & Switching lab exam before the said date, your CCIE R&S Certification will automatically get converted into CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification on 24th Feb 2020 as per Cisco’s new CCIE Certification and Recertification guidelines.

But the validity of your CCIE Certification will be for 2 years only according to the old rules. You can then recertify your exam by passing any CCIE Written exam, which is very easy step. After that your CCIE Certification validity will be extended to another 3 years.

Rules after 24th Feb 2020:

You will have to give Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR 300-401) exam to qualify for your Lab exam.

After passing ENCOR 300-401 Online Exam, you are free to book and appear for your new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam, which will be 8 hours long duration just like our old CCIE Lab exams.

Download PDF New CCIE Tracks and Versions | CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure | CCIE Security V6.0 and more

If you already have knowledge of old CCIE R&S track, you can still give the new exam by just taking our 1 month long refresher bootcamp course which will be free of cost for our old and new students.

CCIE Security Version 6.0

Another amazing change that has been introduced by Cisco, is the change in version of CCIE Security Certification. New CCIE Security V6.0 Certification has been launched by Cisco keeping the upcoming trends like Network Automation and Programmability in mind.

Remember last time when Cisco changed the version from V4 to V5, they introduced Next Gen Firewalls, FTD etc? This time they have strategized and implemented the new syllabus of CCIE Security V6.0 in such a way that you don’t only get familiar with Cisco Security solutions, but you also get ready for the future.

These changes have just doubled the scope of CCIE R&S and CCIE Security engineers by adding Automation and Programmability Sections in the syllabus. We are very excited to see the kind of growth it has to offer to our candidates. We can already imagine our students flying to different countries for their projects in the coming years.

How to Prepare for CCIE Security V6 or V5 Certification:

CCIE Security V6.0 Exams:

CCIE Security V5.0 Written exam has been replaced by Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR 300-701) Certification exam.

Now you will not get CCIE Security Written tag after passing these online exams, you will become Cisco Certified Security Core Specialist, which is another cool thing about this exam.

After preparing for new CCIE Security V6.0 Syllabus and passing your SCOR 300-701 exam, you will be eligible to appear for CCIE Security V6.0 Lab exam.

Another good news about this new pattern is that, you will become CCIE Certified for 3 years not just 2 years as per Cisco earlier CCIE Recertification policies.

If you already have knowledge of CCIE Security V5.0 then you just need an additional 1 month training from us to be ready for new V6.0 lab exam. This CCIE Security V6.0 Lab bootcamp course will be free of cost for our students.

Stay tuned for our next blogs on CCIE Data Center v3.0, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, CCIE Service Provider V5.0 and CCIE Collaboration V3.0.

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