Top 5 Myths about Cisco CCIE Certification

By Network Bulls
Mar 9, 2017

“Myths are fun, as long as you don’t confuse them with the truth”

Long term beliefs become strong facts irrespective of their reality and that is where myths come into existence. Every industry has some ongoing myths of its field which are completely vague and based on the personal experiences.

Like every other industry, Cisco certification is also not left untouched by skepticism. There are certain myths which are strongly believed by CCIE aspirants and in this blog, we will debunk them all.

Ideally you must research the web or discuss your query with a CCIE certified professional. Experts will give you the right answer and will help you to move forward in the right direction.

Below, we have discussed the major misconceptions or myths about Cisco CCIE certification. Have a look and debunk your myths about the globally recognized certification.

#Myth 1 - CCIE Certification has lost its value. Is it so?

Cisco CCIE certification is an IT certification that every top IT MNC looks forward to while hiring for networking jobs. Let's Look at few facts - 

Situation is not so different in case of CCIE Security engineers as well. 

"Currently we have only 6000 CCIE Security Certified engineers worldwide and Industry requires 200,000 CCIE Security Certified engineers"

Above mentioned facts indicate that CCIE professionals are highly demanded in the IT industry but their availability is less. Few more pointers about CCIE Certification -

  • Highest paid certification in IT industry
  • Recognized all around the globe
  • Starting Salary package offered is up to 8 lac in India
  • Average Salary of 180K USD in USA, 145K USD in UK, 110K USD in UAE
  • Job Security is high, Respect among peers and exponential career growth 

So, we hope your first myth is busted now. Anyone thinking about choosing Networking as career should not worry about Scope of Cisco CCIE Certification for next 25 years at least.

#Myth 2 - Passing CCIE examination in the first attempt is an unachievable goal 

Many candidates are of the opinion that passing CCIE examination in the first attempt is an unachievable goal. The hardship level of Cisco CCIE certification is a strong supporter of such opinions.

However, it is just a myth; there are hundreds of real life examples who have passed the CCIE exam in the first attempt. 

Stats are more facinating when you see Network Bulls' CCIE Results. 

"over 80% of candidates at Network Bulls pass CCIE examination in the first attempt"

If these candidates can achieve the goal in the first attempt, then why can’t you?

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#Myth 3 - You can easily pass CCIE examination at few CCIE Lab Centers

This is the strangest one though, some students believe that at few CCIE examination centers you can easily pass the examination. They believe that the question paper at few centers is easy in comparison to other CCIE exam locations. However, it is a complete myth.

Let us clarify this once for all. The question paper at every examination center is set as per the guidelines of Cisco. In addition, the same examination guidelines are adhered at every examination center.

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#Myth 4 - Proctors at CCIE exam are evil

We all are afraid of invigilators, aren't we? And this myth has more to do with this fear in everyone's mind. 

Proctors at CCIE examination centers are there to maintain the discipline and conduct the exam, not to help you pass the examination. Thus, proctors are bit strict and this has lead to the creation of this myth.

In fact Proctors at the CCIE Lab centers do help the candidates but only in genuine cases such as

  • if there is any confusion in the question
  • Any fault in the devices

For the candidates, the day of CCIE examination is too important but for proctors, it is a day to day task. Thus, candidates should go with a positive mindset and everything will be fine.

#Myth 5 - After CCIE you become an expert in Cisco technology

CCIE certification is an expert level certification and becoming Cisco CCIE certified professional validates your skills. After passing Cisco CCIE certification, it can be said that you have a detailed understanding of Cisco technology, but you are in expert in Cisco technology?

That totally depends how you nurture your knowledge and experience. 

Download PDF Top 5 Myths about Cisco CCIE Certification

Various aspects of networking you learn with time. Thus, even after getting your CCIE number you do not become an expert, as expertise comes with experience.


Myth are myths, they hardly have any similarity with the reality. In today’s era of technological advancements networking has gained a great recognition and Cisco certification courses top the list.

Passing Cisco certification is a tough task but not impossible at all. If you want to build your career in the field of networking then Cisco certification is just the perfect option.

Always remember, that skills and knowledge are always valued no matter to which field you belong. Thus, study hard, ignore all myths, give your best, enroll at best CCIE training institute and make your career fly.

Thanks for reading out this post. We hope you liked it and we would love to hear back from you. Please leave your views and reviews below in comments section. 

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Mohit Sehgal
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One more Superb Post ! Thanks for mentioning all the myths. I liked #2 & #4 points.

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Thanks, Network Bull's Team for the push.